For those who have had M/C's (warning *possible trigger*)

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For those who have had M/C's (warning *possible trigger*)
Sat, 01-29-2011 - 9:21pm

Hi all,

Warning *possibly upsetting/triggering for those of you that do not want to read about miscarriages*

For anyone that has experience with miscarriages, I hope you can offer some information.

As many of you know, I am in the process of a miscarriage. They found no heartbeat 2 days ago on U/S. I have yet to bleed and am awaiting a Dr's appt to discuss my options (D&C or go naturally or with meds).

I have never miscarried before and I wondered what I am in for physically. (I have been through grief and loss, so I have a feeling how I will react, and have a therapist, etc). I am really scared of it happening at home, though there is a 50% chance that could happen before I see the Dr.

I am between 6-7 weeks along. That said, will I be in excruciating pain??? Or will it just be like a heavy period?? Will there be a lot of painful clots to pass? How much different than regular period blood will this be at 6-7 weeks?? Will I pass out, vomit, double over in pain, or have any physical reactions/experiences that are way worse than a heavy period?

-Dianne, 41 yo
DH 37

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I just saw your post and wanted to say how sorry I am and to send big (((HUGS)))) your way.

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I know Vickie had 2 this past year, one at 10 weeks, and she will be able to give you her first hand account.

I have not had a m/c, but my friend did last summer.

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Oh babe,

my heart is with you right now.

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Hey, I'm so sorry I couldn't get back on here sooner. I hate that you are going thru this. I can share my experience with you and hope it helps to comfort you in some way.

My m/c at 11wks- I was just like you -I was horrified about what was to come- never been thru one before and heard all the horror stories. I was told at 10 wks, my baby had died and I opted for natural because I am scared of surgeries. I got more nervous as the week went by and called the doctor and asked for a d & c. Got there and he did one last u/s and said that (and this part still bothers me a little)

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I have had several miscarriages and just wanted to tell you how sorry I am.

~ Jodi ~