Tip For Those TTC, From BTDT

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Tip For Those TTC, From BTDT
Sun, 02-01-2004 - 7:24pm
(I'm copying this onto all the ttc boards)

I like to stop by a ttc board once in a while to share my story, hoping it will help someone. I may not come by here again, so if you have questions, click on the link to my email address and email me.

My story may apply to no one, or one person, but here goes....

I ttc for 1 1/2 years, saw the best specialists in the big city. Had every test in the book done; blood tests, hospital tests that hurt so bad they made me cry, lap surgery. Noone could find anything wrong with me. Except there was just one thing that wasn't totally normal. But every doctor and specialist I saw overlooked it and said it meant nothing. Amongst the barrage of blood tests I got, my prolactin level came back ever so slightly out of the normal range. With normal being someting like 3 - 20, I was a 21. They retested, I got a 23. They retested, same thing. They stopped testing and said it was "insignificant".

I did a search under "prolactin" on Google and stumbled across a message on a pituitary tumor board (prolactin is secreted by the pituitary gland), from a woman who was ttc for a while and her prolactin level was just barely elevated (like mine), she took a drug to lower it, bromocriptine, and conceived IMMEDIATELY.

I called my doctor and said I felt the ball was dropped and wanted my prolactin tested again. When I got the same ball-park results, I demanded she put me on bromocriptine. OMG it was a HORRIBLE drug!! But after one full cycle on it, I conceived. And let me tell you I conceived even though intercourse and ovulation were FOUR days apart!!! Since that's happened I've found numerous postings about how "fertile" this drug makes you, and warnings from people who are taking it who do NOT want to become pregnant, that you'd better use 2 forms of birth control.

So if you have had your prolactin tested, it is slightly elevated and your doctor dismisses it, DO NOT accept that!!!! Ask to be put on a prolactin-lowering drug. There are two. I would recommend the bromocriptine.

Good luck everyone!!!!!

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Mon, 02-02-2004 - 11:00am

Wow great story.


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Fri, 02-06-2004 - 3:27pm

Thanks for sharing.

I'm TTC#3 now...haven't had much trouble getting pregnant...I've had 3 m/c's early on though. Would this medication help you conceive if your prolactin levels aren't elevated? Just curious. I'm visiting my ob/gyn in a few weeks and have questions for him.

I have a 5 year old and a 2 year old. I'm 45 and don't want to wait too long!