Trying 3 years after mc, any advice

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Trying 3 years after mc, any advice
Sun, 12-26-2004 - 8:55pm
Hi all, I am new to this board. I will turn 40 in June, so I count myself in the ttc over 40 crew, am I right about that? Anyhow, I have an almost 17 year old daughter, became pg on try #1 naturally 4 years ago. It was a multiple(triplet) pregnancy. I lost 1 baby at 3 months and carried the remaining 2 another then lost them to miscarriage. It has taken dh 4 years to try, mostly because I nearly died with the mc and he is scared. We finally made the decision to ttc again, I am off bcp's since October and taking prenatals. If I got pg so easily at 36, does that give me hope for an easy time now, or does it all go downhill once you are 35+. (Dh is 44) My big concern is that dh is totally against any kind of infertility procedure and it has me scared to death should we have trouble. (He is of the if it's meant to be it will happen school of thought, I'm of the do whatever it takes to make a baby mindset, ugh!) Sorry so long.
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Wed, 12-29-2004 - 3:11pm
You are definitely on the right board. I have been here for about 3 months. I am about a year older than you and I have two older children, almost 19 and 13. I had two miscarriages in '04 and we are trying again. I changed Dr for reasons I won't go into now. The new Dr says that there are risks for older women because the eggs are older and our bodies don't have as much progesterone. I am taking prenatals with 800 mg of folic acid and 100 mg of progesterone twice a day. I was ovulating at day 14, but got AF about day 25 or 26. DR said the shortened cycle was possibly because of low progesterone. Did a blood test right before my last period and it was low. The cycle, I started taking the Progesterone at day 15 and luckily our "window of opportunity" came this past weekend, christmas eve and day. My husband was off work and we were relaxed for lots of BDing. I get to test Jan 8. DH and I are of the same mind set as your DH. If it is meant to be it will, with a little help from the DR and hormones, I just don't want to get pPG and have another M/C. I pray for no pregnancy if it will eventually end in M/C. I wish you the best. Go see your DR and make sure everything is in order if you haven't already. I teach school and only get time to get on the board about every week or too. Everyone here is very nice and helpful. I have learned a lot just reading what others post and adding input if I can. Have a safe and happy new year.
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