TTC Over 40 Without Drugs

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TTC Over 40 Without Drugs
Wed, 01-19-2005 - 7:00pm
Hi, I'm also a lurker on this board. There are some wonderful discussions going on here! What I'm wondering is: Is there anyone TTC Over 40 naturally, without the drugs?!!! Anyone been successful? My DH and I have been trying for 7 months. I just miscarried at about 8 weeks. We don't believe in the drugs, and in any case I don't want to subject myself to them. Some of you mention herbs. What would those be? I'm a big drinker of Traditional Medicinals teas: Female Toner, Pregnancy Tea and such. Feedback on TTC without drugs would be appreciated here!
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Thu, 01-20-2005 - 1:33pm

Hi! I am just a lurker here myself ... I just posted some info in another thread that I thought might be useful to you ... so, sorry to repeat myself, but I thought I'd post it again here in case you might be interested. There is a lot of advice and info about ttc in the references that I mention below that doesn't have to do with drugs or other medical interventions. I have recommended them many, many times and, of course, as another poster put it ... the Weschler book is like a bible for charting to most people on these boards. If you lurk, I'm sure you've seen it. I just post for others who might be interested. One poster in the "Wondering ... Anyone ever conceive thread?" suggested looking into acupunture and reiki. If you are ttc without drugs, you might consider checking into those kinds of treatments as well. Good luck to you!

Previously posted:

I think Women's Bodies, Women's Wisdom is a good general women's health book and even though it is written by an MD ... it has an alternative medicine bent to it. I have recommended it on other board in threads about ttc and women's health issues. In WBWW, Christiane Northrup mentions another author, Niravi Payne. Maybe some are familiar with her books. Northrup talks a lot about the mind/body connection in her WBWW ... especially in regard to ttc. She references Payne because Payne's work is about addressing any possible emotional and psychological barriers to conception. It may not be for everyone. It has what some might call a 'new age' approach to the subject of fertility. Certainly a lot of doctors would not be open to that kind of content. But if you're casting a wide net for ideas and information in ttc, it's worth a look.

I read The Language of Fertility when I was ttc #1 and we succeeded (after a year of trying) shortly after I absorbed some of the information in that book. Our success may have been coincidental to the reading ... I can't say. I also have a friend to whom I recommended Payne's books (along with Weschler's Taking Charge of Your Fertility) after a she experienced a long period of ttc without success. She gave birth to her second child last year at 40. I'm not offering these examples to push a POV or the books or to "prove" that they work. I'm just saying that I personally believe there is a chance that the information may be useful for some people.

I haven't read Payne's other book, The Whole Person Fetility Program, but now that we are ttc #3, I think I may order it.

I am 38 and ttc #3. I've been casting around for info and support on some other boards, but haven't found a lot of activity or women with whom I seem to have much in common.

Here are links if you'd like to read more:

Language of Fertility, The : The Revolutionary Mind-Body Program for Conscious Conception by NIRAVI B. PAYNE

The Whole Person Fertility Program(SM) : A Revolutionary Mind-Body Process to Help You Conceive by NIRAVI B. PAYNE

Women's Bodies, Women's Wisdom by Christiane Northrup

Taking Charge of Your Fertility: The Definitive Guide to Natural Birth Control, Pregnancy Achievement, and Reproductive Health (Revised Edition) by Toni Weschler

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Thu, 01-20-2005 - 3:15pm

I had my son last year at 40...we are now trying for #2...7 months and still nothing.. I just started acupuncture and reiki....

I did acupuncture and reiki with my first son...I got pregnant after 2 months of treatments...I noticed with the reiki tuesday left side had a lot going on....I felt like a blockage of some leg was restless...reiki will help you relax...the needles don't hurt. I really don't want to take any drugs as well.

good luck to you

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Thu, 01-20-2005 - 3:27pm

I just posted this blurb to someone in the other thread who expressed interest. Sorry to keep repeating myself, but I thought I'd "copy" it to you, just in case you didn't catch it there ... it's from the jacket of The Language of Fertility:

"(Payne) has counseled hundreds of clients from all over the US and abroad. Her clinical experience has shown that reproductive problems, including miscarriages, difficulty in conceiving, and low sperm count are directly linked to attitudes, beliefs, and family dynamics that reach back into your childhood and affect your emotional life, your reproductive system and your fertility today. ... Payne challenges the traditionally held view that problems with fertility are due purely to a medical condition to be treated with drugs and surgery ... The Language of Fertility also establishes a new way of thinking and talking about fertility that forever banishes the 'too oldisms' that many women in their thirties and forties often hear, including outdated and inaccurate terms such as 'unexplained infertility' and 'old eggs.' Niravi Payne debunks ageist myths through an eye-opening exploration of historical and sociological factors that profoundly affected the reproductive lives of the millions of female baby boomers who were able to delay childbearing ..."

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Fri, 01-21-2005 - 10:39am

We are TTC without drugs. I have researched them and feel, at my age, they will cause more harm than good. We are using herbs - Vitex, Maca, Raspberry Leaf Tea, Green Tea as well as a herbal miscarriage preventer - Crampbark, Blackhaw, False Unicorn root and Wild Yam. Yesterday I had my first acupunture treatment and the dr suggests substituting the Vitex & Raspberry Leaf with Dong Quai and a Pituitary homeopathic.

We haven't had a successful pregnancy yet, but we are conceiving! One day I hope that we will get to keep a baby (or two!) :)

~*~ Catherine (50y) & Rob (44y)
Our 1st precious baby together - m/c @ 8wks - Feb 14, 2004,
plus several possible chemical pregnancies since.
My 3 children : 16y, 27y, 30y
Plus 5 + previous babies lost.

~*~ Catherine, mom to three grown men - Jason, Michael & Joshua and Granma to Christopher & Leia.

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Thu, 02-03-2005 - 11:00am

Hi mom,

DH and I have been ttc for 8 months without drugs. In September we both started taking fertility blend vitamins. These are simply the correct combination of vitamins needed for a healthy reproductive system. They say to take the vitamins for at least 3 months before expecting a change. It has now been four months and I am doing the two-week wait right now. AF due 2/9. Best of luck to you.

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Wed, 03-09-2005 - 1:13pm
Hi, I'm 44 years old and also TTC naturally! I had a miscarriage on Feb. 10 at 8 weeks and just got my first period (28 days after D&C). My husband and I have been married just a little over one year (my last husband died 5 years ago) and even though we both have children from previous marriages, we want to try and have our own biological child without too much intervention. I still have regular periods and can get pregnant (obviously). It took us 11 months off the pill the first time to conceive WITHOUT trying anything special (I didn't use test kits, charting, or plan sex on certain days). We probably averaged twice a week for sex and just let nature take it's course-- so we just got lucky. Unfortunately, because of my age, we miscarried and are trying again. This time I am taking fertility vitamins, charting, and using OPK to plan sex. I'm hoping to be pregnant by the end of this year, God-willing. Here's wishing both of us the best of luck!
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Wed, 03-09-2005 - 6:02pm

what's the difference between fertility vitamins and pre-natal vitamins?



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Thu, 03-10-2005 - 1:30pm
I'm taking a product called "Fertility Blend" which I bought at the GNC store locally. They have a website and you can find more information at It has large amounts of certain vitamins, like Vitamins E, B6, and B12-- but also herbs like chasteberry (vitex), green tea, and L-arginine, as well as folic acid, iron, zinc, selenium, magnesium, etc... I am not an expert on this product, since I've only taken it for one month so far; BUT-- it's the first time in probably 4 years that I haven't had monthly breast pain in the last half of my cycle. (The progesterone cream I tried did NOT help). Maybe somebody else knows more about the fertility effects of this product?
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Thu, 03-17-2005 - 6:46pm


I just posted that I am 40 and just pregnant without drugs after trying for 3 years. Last year we did try clomid and perganol with no luck. We actually still have some perganol left and I couldn't bring myself to go back for another cycle. My acupuncturist is also an herbalist so he gave me loose herbs prescribed specifically for me. He doesn't believe in general fertility blends. He thinks it's best to treat each person for whatever their body needs. He didn't just treat me for fertility.

Anyway, I had actually not been doing anything the last 2+ months because we had started the adoption process. Who knows why we FINALLY got pregnant! Except that we finally gave up?

It really feels like a miracle that I'm pregnant. I'm tired, bloated, gassy and I have sore's great!

Happy baby dust,