TTC#1 what to do before trying drugs

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TTC#1 what to do before trying drugs
Tue, 09-14-2004 - 12:16am
Hi all,

I'm new to these boards and will be 40 in 3 weeks. We've been charting for 7 months and since time is passing, DH did 2 SAs (no results yet) and I made my first appt. with RE on Thursday to see how well my "equipment" is working. Last month seemed different but AF came so no luck. My much-younger SIL conceived this month, too, so I was a bit low (I'm the first born of the first of the first, and I always thought I'd get to continue the chain).

I'd really prefer to use nutrition, herbs, and vitamins to improve fertility and make both of us healthier before resorting to RXs if we need help. I'm not big on doctors or drugs. I don't know which "natural" professionals to see or which are the top notch books at this moment. I look forward to your insight. Thanks.-pea

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Tue, 09-14-2004 - 9:45am
Welcome and good luck!

There are several ladies on this board who follow herbal and homeopathic regiemes....I myself, who just turned 40 in June, really only took prenatel vitamins.

And I used ovulation predictor kit too...that didn't seem to work very well for me, then I read somewhere that it's suggested you actually test 2 times day. I have always been very regular and even have some cramping (pain) during ovulation so I knew exactly when it was happening. Still - it took us 6 months to conceive. I have my first u/s today and I'm hoping and praying that everything will be fine - I should be 8w 2d.....

Another thing that I learned recently is alchohol sometimes will delay ovulation - which is what I'm sure happened to me in July. (Girls weekend, ovulated 2 days late....)

I'm sure there are others on this board that can give you better information than I - but I do know it's possible to get pg almost naturally at our age!

So good luck and definately keep in touch!

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Tue, 09-14-2004 - 9:01pm
Hi Pea! Welcome to our group! I would recommend two books: Inconceivable by Julia Indichova & The Infertility Cure by Randine Lewis. Both provided me a lot of helpful information...especially in the are of natural treatments for infertility.

Wishing you luck!!


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Wed, 09-15-2004 - 5:49pm
Thanks Margie & Tuggernut for your suggestions and warm welcome. I look forward to reading the books recommended.

Good luck & best wishes! -pea