Update on u/s for my ivf

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Update on u/s for my ivf
Tue, 03-30-2004 - 11:28am

Had my first u/s and things are looking great.


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Tue, 03-30-2004 - 12:20pm
Hi Cathie,

You are doing just great!!! You have a lot of good follies already and still have time to develop more!!!

Prayers & +++++vibes coming your way!!!

Lilypie Baby Days
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Thu, 04-01-2004 - 10:13pm
Hi Cathy,

good luck tomorrow on your u/s! Please let us know how it goes.

Sending positive thoughts > > > > > > > > > >

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Fri, 04-02-2004 - 4:52pm
Cathie: Wow!! That sounds soooo great....keep us posted!!


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Fri, 04-02-2004 - 8:41pm

That sounds huge!! Does one produce more follicles prior to IVF than for IUI? I haven't read any messages indicating 19; I would say your chances are fabulous!!

Sending you loads of sticky baby dust!! Keep us posted!