Update on when I will be gone

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Update on when I will be gone
Tue, 06-15-2004 - 4:43pm

I let parentsplace know that I will be gone


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Tue, 06-15-2004 - 7:27pm
Cathie: Thanks for the note. I will be thinking about you and keeping you in prayer. Do your best to enjoy the time off...I know it will be difficult. Sending you warm thoughts...


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Tue, 06-15-2004 - 10:51pm

This board will really miss you and we'll be anxious to hear about your progress! Maybe you can sneak away for an Internet fix sometime during your convalescence.

Best wishes for a successful procedure and recovery,


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Thu, 06-17-2004 - 8:50am
Hi Cathie,

We will be thinking of you & praying that all is well & you have a speedy recovery. Take good care of yourself.


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Sat, 06-19-2004 - 8:29am
Hi Cathy,

I have not been on the board in a couple of weeks and just read your earlier post about your surgury. I wish you a speedy recovery.

On the internet access I think AOL has a program where you get a FREE computer with AOL access. So you have to pay for the monthly connection, but it sounds like a pretty good deal. Not sure how long of a commitment you need to make either. I don't think they advertise it widely, but they are my customer, and I have heard them mention it.

There is always of course the internet cafe and also public libraries - so go get some new books to read, and use the internet while you are there.

I am sure you will find ways to stay connected.

Best wishes. We will miss your regular posts. If it wasn't for you this board would still be dead.