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Thu, 05-20-2004 - 11:45am

Can you tell by my discussion title that I am all over the place? hahaha...

I just came back from the re for u/s and b/w. He sounded pretty good today; I have three mature (maturining) follicles,(in the running so to speak...out of the 9 baseline, there are some less mature follicles also).....my lining is at 6, what does this # sound like? He wants 7 +....he said last cycle didn't work because lining was at 5.2 and cycle happened too fast... He has me triggering tonite and IUI on Saturday (5-22). I suppose my lining will be better....

I went to see an accupuncturist/TCM doc yesterday....the accupuncture was great! I fell asleep..he gave me herbs for all over health (not fertility herbs since I am doing a med cycle). My plan is to continue with him if med cycle doesn't work and do the fertility herbs and fertility accupuncture. Question: Should I have an accupuncture session after the IUI? Anyone know the ideal time????

Also, any of you out there have recommendations for bd around this time? Should I bd tonite (trigger night) and night of IUI??? I want to give myself the best chances, it looks like a good cycle....dare I be hopeful?



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Thu, 05-20-2004 - 3:05pm
Hi Barb,

I am not sure about acupuncture after IUI, I know it is good to do it before. You should BD the night of trigger or better the night before trigger if possible. Then DH needs to abstain for a bit to let new sperem develop nicely.

+++++++++Prayers &++++++++++vibes coming to you!!!!!!+++++++++++++

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Fri, 05-21-2004 - 9:29pm
Barb: Hoping this is your month!!!

I get acupuncture and my doctor uses a combination of my basal temps, blood tests, and looking in my mouth to know when to do it. He usually does early in cycle, around ovulation (day before) and then around the time of implantation.

Not sure what other's have experienced...hope this helps.