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Tue, 06-08-2004 - 7:00pm
Hey everyone. Everyone I know is now either pregnant or has 1, 2, 3 children since we started trying. I feel so discouraged. My brother & sister-in-law announced last night their happy news...the baby is due in December. They were just married in September...they got pregnant the first month they tried.

Just feeling sorry for myself...and trying to understand. Thanks for listening.


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Tue, 06-08-2004 - 7:20pm
Dear Margie,

I am so sorry for all that you are going through. I am keeping you in my thoughts and prayers. I wish only the best for you. Everything will look brighter in the morning when it is a brand new day. You just have to have hope and never give up. I hope you feel better and get pregnant soon!



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Tue, 06-08-2004 - 8:52pm
Hi there,

I really know first hand how you feel. I am 43 and still have no children and all I see is pregnant women wherever I look. I so much long to hold my own baby in my arms. Sometimes I feel like I am being tortured with all of the miscarriages I have had. Like a little taste of heaven only to have it taken away. But I want you to know that it is really important to have hope and faith that one day you will hold your own beautiful baby in your arms. Try not to get too discouraged now, it'll happen for you too! Look at all the wonderful women on this board who are now prg and had not given up and they are over 40! Who said it wasn't possible?

sending positive ++++++ energy and lots of baby dust!!!!!


TTC #1 after 4 mcs

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Tue, 06-08-2004 - 10:28pm
Just wanted to share these poems with you.

How Am I Going To Do This?

…God Will Carry You

The Lord will never leave us

nor forsake us,

He promised He’d be with us through it all.

It often seems He’s walking right beside us

As he guides us through our problems

large and small.

But there are times we just can’t feel His presence,

When the road’s so rough,

we need Him all the more.

We wonder why we’re so alone and helpless,

Why His hand’s not there to lead us as before…

But if we listen quietly, He’ll tell us,

"Take a moment and remember what I said:

If you fail to see me walking right beside you,

It’s because I have you in my arms instead,

For together, we will cross the highest mountain,

Together we will face the stormy sea,

You never are alone, you’re never helpless!

I’ll carry you,

let go and lean on me."

He is with you…even in this time of saddness

too deep for words.

A Mother’s Love

I didn’t have to look into your eyes

to fall in love with you.

I didn’t need to hear you cry

to know you loved me too.

I didn’t need to hold your hand

to cherish you for always.

Within my womb, we shared our hearts.

You touched my soul.

You sweetened my spirit.

You gave me memories I’ll always hold dear.

Yes. My heart aches since you departed too soon.

But a mother’s love does not end with loss.

For you are my child.

Forever my love is yours.

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Wed, 06-09-2004 - 3:12pm

Margie we all know how hard this is.


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Wed, 06-09-2004 - 3:24pm
Hi Margie,

I know how hard this all is. Don't feel alone we are here for you & totally understand. We are pretty much the only one of our friends without child & kind of stopped fitting in because of it. We have been trying for 3 1/2 years & have had M/C's. I am 5 weeks PG now & praying this one will stick around. Anything I can do to help you succeed I am just a post away. I don't know if you have read The Infertility Cure but I feel everyone here should. It is very educational. I don't know if you have had any testing or have tried any treatment like IUI or IVF but if you have questions or need help I have been through it all.

Hope I can help.


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Wed, 06-09-2004 - 6:24pm
Mary, Jadu, Cathie & Lisa: Thanks to all of you!! I am feeling much better today...and when I came home to read your posts it just made me feel even better yet.

We have decided to take the IVF plunge. It is not covered by insurance, so we figure we can try IVF twice. We went for the registration yesterday and I will go on birth control pills when my next period starts. I feel very hopeful right now...thanks again to all of you. Hope I can return the favor some day when you're feeling down.

All of the women on this board are in my daily prayers. Hoping we each get our miracle. Take care and thanks again.