Vitex or Fertility Blend?

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Vitex or Fertility Blend?
Mon, 03-22-2004 - 9:45am


I've been reading lately about this it the same as the Fertility Blend that is out there? And it seems that there are many combo's/variations of Vitex...on many websites....what is the best combo (ingredients mix) and best place to find it?

Thanks for the info!


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Mon, 03-22-2004 - 1:11pm

Barb I really do not know about this.


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Mon, 03-22-2004 - 6:50pm
Hi, Barb!

Vitex is just another name for chasteberry, so you're right: it's available in a lot of forms combined with a host of other herbs, supplements, etc. It's also, coincidentally, the name of a drug company which might be adding to the confusing information out there. Vitex is one of the ingredients in Fertility Blend for Women (there's also one for men). Fertility Blend also contains some other things believed to help fertility like green tea extract and vitamins. It is, as far as I know, the only natural supplement that has been proven effective in clinical studies (Stanford University). I have been taking it for about two months now. I am 43 and had my DD last year. My cycles were long and irregular, because I was nursing. The Fertility Blend did seem to have an immediate impact on moderating them. I'll let you know if it has an even more positive outcome! Good luck; I'll be thinking of you,