What is with this?

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What is with this?
Mon, 07-26-2010 - 2:19am

I don't understand this at all. Shouldn't monthly symptoms be the same? Yes, I know things get a bit sporadic at this point in life, but I still wish I knew just exactly what was different each month.

Until I lost our wee one at the end of January in 2009, I never had tender breasts unless I was pregnant. However, since then it has been a pretty consistent thing each month. What has not been consistent is the timing and the intensity of the tenderness. What is causing that? Usually it starts a couple of days after ovulation, increases in intensity and then starts to drop off a couple of days before AF. Some months though it starts quite late and does not get very intense and is gone in just a few days.

And then there is this month. Things are just odd. Again. My temp is nearly always below 36.5 C for the first two weeks and then above 36.55 C for that last two. This month it was very close or well over my coverline for the first 10 days, then dropped way down for a few days, finally jumping way up on CD16. Plus the tenderness started on CD14, which together with my CM would indicate I ovulated on CD13 (early for me) with a late shift in BBT. Just strange.

I just can't figure out why the difference in tenderness. I mean, they really hurt right now, I hope it doesn't get any more intense! Any suggestions what could cause the difference? I usually use a progesterone cream, but not until after ovulation (haven't started it yet this month, will tonight) and they are usually already tender by then. Otherwise I am not on any meds, just a multivitamin, B complex, and folic acid.


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Mon, 07-26-2010 - 11:33am
I don't know Michelle.


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Mon, 07-26-2010 - 12:06pm

hi, MIchelle,
I've been having all sorts of fluctuating soreness in my breasts and fluctuating temps as well. Also have not O'd this month (since IVF attempt, have been all out of wack). Unfortunately, I get the feeling that these are symptoms of an annovulatory system. I think the progesterone and estrogen start oscillating back and forth instead of having distinct dominant periods in the cycle. I'm hoping my system gets back on track soon and I hope the same for you.