What If PG after Methotrexate

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What If PG after Methotrexate
Wed, 10-08-2003 - 3:49pm

I had a M/C my hcg had dropped to 51. I started bleeding on 9/18. I thought all was fine because my temps were down. Went back to check hcg levels on 9/26 to make sure the had dropped instead they went up to 83. I took the shot of methotrexate on 10/1/2003 my hcg was 116 that day. Because my OB said as long as I had hcg in my system my body would think I was still pg and not ovulate. And that it didn't seem to be leaving on its own so this was the best way to handle it.I had explained to OB that I thought I had O'd and possible to be pg again. He said it wasn't possible. But please look at my chart. We BD on 27,28 not knowing I still had hcg in my system. My temp had dropped and all opk's were - until then. I am really scared because of the side effects. Wouldn't the shot have ended a pg in progress. He said I couldn't have ovulated with hcg from previous pg still in my system. But I told him my chart looked like I had. I would have never TTC this month with the shot. I had already BD before I received it. So I assumed if something had happened it wouldn't implant.

Now with the huge dip in temp and now the increase. I am not sure what to think. Could it be possible if not? Why is my body not getting rid of hcg.

HPT still shows postive after a week.

I have all the symptoms again of last pregnancy. And they had stopped

before. I took a hpt this morning a week after the shot and it was still +. I have not had sex since the shot to scared to. I called the OB with alot of questions yesterday he was out nurse said she would call me back today.

I am so worried. I don't know what will happen if I was pg when I got the shot but not implanted. I don't know what the OB will want to do or what my options are? I am suppose to have my blood drawn again tomorrow.

Is it possible for me to be pregnant again?

Also I thought yesterdays temp drop could be a good sign. Then today it was up even higher. HELP?



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Tue, 10-14-2003 - 8:17pm
If your HCG is doubling every couple of days, then you're probably pregnant. The methotrexate is supposed to stop your pregnancy (from what I understand) so if it didn't, then all should be fine. Of course, you'd sure want to get some tests run to make sure everything's okay if you're pregnant.

I had a slight possitive preg result last Thursday when I tested. But I had a D&C four weeks earlier and it was probably some leftover hcg in my system.

If your hcg is going up but not doubling, you might still have some retained pregnancy tissue from your last miscarriage.

Again, your dr will be able to tell you what to do next.