What Should I Do?? Advice Please!

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What Should I Do?? Advice Please!
Sat, 06-04-2011 - 11:05am

Hi ladies,

Well, AF showed up yesterday so I'm officially out this month. It's the first time in MANY months that I didn't cry when AF showed up. I was actually relieved. Here's why:

As some of you know, I have been on an intense job search since my recent layoff. I am planning on getting hired by the end of the summer. It has been my plan all the while that I would undergo my first IVF cycle in early summer so that I could be gainfully employed by the time I give birth.

Well, that plan sounds good and well but what should I do NOW? I got AF yesterday, and I'm supposed to start my IVF cycle this MONDAY. BUT I am knee-deep in an interview process right now for a job I really want. I have been called back for a THIRD interview - I made it to the final round of just me and one other person! (out of 170 applicants!) :-) It's in just over a week. But if I begin IVF MONDAY, I need to be flexible for the ER date, transfer date, etc. Plus I have no idea how the fertility injections are going to make me feel. Will I be weepy and weird?? I want to be in my top form for the interview and am afraid.

Should I delay IVF until next month?? And if I do delay it, I won't have the same flexibility in my schedule to take off for ER and ET because I am beginning a new job. If I get this particular job, my communte will be about an hour door to door. This timing SUCKS for IVF. Aaargh. I need some serious advice.

And if I DON"t get this job I will be POd that I didn't do IVF while I was unemployed and had the time.

I'm 42, clock's a tickin and I'm so confused as to what to do!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks!!

-Dianne, 41 yo
DH 37


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Sun, 06-12-2011 - 1:54am

Hi Brandy,

I turned 40 in February...I hate being 40! I really don't feel it but i guess my Ovaries do!

The Luveris is meant to help improve the quality of the eggs and the Cetrotide prevents me from ovulating...When i had a scan on day 5 of stims i had 4 bigger eggs and 4 that were lagging behind. My RE started me on the Cetrotide to stop me ovulating so to give my smaller eggs a chance to catch up. So i'm hoping i'll have 8 if we get to ER. Injecting 3 lots of meds isn't to bad...though the Cetrotide does sting and gets quite hot/itchy after. And i'm not looking forward to the daily IM injection of progesterone oil after ER