Who does sperm analysis? RE? Urologist?

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Who does sperm analysis? RE? Urologist?
Mon, 07-26-2010 - 9:12pm

Hi all,
So I am having my Day 2 (3) blood work done tomorrow--even though I don't yet have an RE, and I am unhappy with my current OB/GYN and will most likely be changing (more on that in the "Dianne" thread). Our insurance plan just stinks, so our in-network Dr choices are very limited - so I don't want to waste time and $--I want to research it and go to the right Drs right off the bat.

I am thinking that while I am on the search for my Drs, that DH should get his semen analysis ASAP...but I don't know who is supposed to do this?? An RE? A urologist? Should it be someone on the "team" of my OB/GYN, or can he just go have it done on his own by his own Dr?

I really want to get moving on getting him checked out. I just kind of have a feeling something may be going on with him.


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-Dianne, 41 yo
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Mon, 07-26-2010 - 9:26pm

That is a good question with multiple answers (I am sure others have much to weigh in as well). My DH had his sperm analysis done by his urologist as that is what my then-RE told him to do. But my current RE does them herself...

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Mon, 07-26-2010 - 10:01pm
my re sent us home with a cup.

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Mon, 07-26-2010 - 10:59pm
My DH went to his regular doctor and told him what we were doing and that doctor ordered it.


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Sun, 08-01-2010 - 9:38pm

Hi, my DH has had 2 seperate lab results, one from urologist the other from Lab Corp.