42 and Pregnant!

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42 and Pregnant!
Fri, 02-18-2005 - 11:42am

I signed in on the Roll Call and found out two days later that I'm pregnant! I have had one pregnancy when I was 21 but no children. No other pregnancies. My gyn was very relaxed and she said try for six months and then come see me about seeing a fertility specialist. We have been seriously trying to conceive for three months and I was so surprised and feel so lucky! I don't drink or smoke and have been taking prenatal vitamins for a year and eat pretty healthy. I know when I ovulate because I have mittelshmerz so I was starting to think it would never happen for me.

We are thrilled! I am of course trying not to obsess about higher incidence of birth defects and just be grateful.

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Fri, 02-18-2005 - 4:06pm
Congratulations! Wishing you a happy healthy nine months. You have given me a tremendous amount of hope - I'm 42 too!
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Tue, 02-22-2005 - 9:14pm

Hey congrats!! that is awesome. I too have been pg 3 times since 40, with no meds the last one I was 44 ( unfortunately we have no baby in our arms yet We have been ttc again now for the last 17 months and its becoming a little more difficult so we are going to an RE now. Good luck to you and to all of us still ttc.


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Thu, 02-24-2005 - 12:53pm

Congratulations! You are an inspiration! I am 41 and don't have a lot of hope, but hearing your story helps!

Best wishes for a healthy nine months!