42 and ttc after tubal reversal

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42 and ttc after tubal reversal
Sat, 05-08-2004 - 8:22am
hi all!

just wanted to say hello to the board. i have been visiting but mostly been on the tubal reversal site - but last week our consultant gave us permission to start ttc so i feel more able to contribute to the board now!

i have been very fortunate and have children - the oldest being 21 from my pervious marriage. my partner doesnt have any and we decided to try and have a child between us.

please wish us luck and any advice will be much appreciated.



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Mon, 05-10-2004 - 11:44am

Chloe good luck!!


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Sun, 05-09-2004 - 11:26am
hi Lisa!

Thanks for the warm welcome and the good advice. DH had a count done prior to my op and everything was fine with that. mMy GP is doing a progesteron level blood test for me tomorrow as it is day 21 of my cycle.

they think all should be well with that but say if its under 30? or so then they will give me something to boost my ov!

its all very new to us at the moment - though this month we have relied on beginers luck!

will keep in touch, would be interested to hear other peoples ttc over 40 stories too.

thanks again,


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Sun, 05-09-2004 - 12:19am
Hi Chloe,

Welcome to the board!!!! Glad you found us!!! The 1st best step when TTC naturally over 40 is to have some blood work done & an SA for you DH. If all is well then an ovulation predictor kit is the way to go as you can time things perfectly for a much better chance of success. They recommend doing this for no longer than 6 months & then have more testing if needed.

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