43 on 3rd IVF Doc says "Doesn't Look Go"

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43 on 3rd IVF Doc says "Doesn't Look Go"
Sun, 06-13-2004 - 11:34pm
I've had 2 IUI's going on 3rd IVF and Doc doesn't think I have a good chance

I have a beautiful 3yr Daughter, that would love to have a sis or bro

Doc says I have old eggs, 2nd IVF had beta #14 but didn't stick

I'm hoping this next one works, If not my sister will donate her eggs to me

but I really want one more of my own

A friend tried Parsley Oil Anyone hear of that????

This is really a great board


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Hi Lor!! :) It's your sister! LOL I just wanted to say hello and find your post! :)


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Hello Lori. Sorry I didn't answer you yesterday but I was having posting problems on and off all day and just gave up after awhile.

I have never tried nor heard of parsley oil but with any herbs you have to be very careful when going through ivf because they have no idea how they will mix with the meds you are on.


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Hi Lori,

I haven't heard of using parsley oil but I do know that fresh parsley thins the uterine lining (basil & oregano as well) & should be avoided during a cycle as a thin lining will affect implantation & will not be able to substain a PG.

What is your FSH level? There are other things you can do to improve egg quality through the use of diet, supplements & acupuncture. I had made a post about this a couple months back. I will try to find it and bump it up for you.

Hope I can help.

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