44 and trying to conceive again

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44 and trying to conceive again
Fri, 04-02-2004 - 3:16pm

I'am new to this board. I'am 44 years old and had a TR last month to try to conceive again. My husband and I have one child together and want to have one more to grow up with older DD(Olivia-7). I have 7 older childre!Yes 7, ranging in age from 25-7 years old. I had no trouble conceiving them(I even had twin boys 15 years ago). So I thought I would have no trouble conceiving this time, even though I had the TR and my age, I still have some hope it will happen soon.Time is running out, especially after 45, even though I'am glad to read here there has been some good luck with many ladies on this board, conceiving again.Please rub some of that babydust this way! I look forward to getting to know each one of you.I have no one to talk to about TTC, except,my husband, and sometimes his understanding can't even stretch that far, if you know what I mean?

Hope to hear from someone soon,

Cindy P.

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Fri, 04-02-2004 - 3:26pm

Cindy welcome to the board.


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Fri, 04-02-2004 - 4:20pm

Nice to heard from you. I have had a HCG test done about a month ago and the number was very low(which is good news), it was 2! Maybe I do have a chance after all.I have seen a specialist up until my husband lost his job this week. It has been very devistating to me and all are plans. The insurance even covered all the expenses. Now we have to wait until he has another job, an establishes a new insurance. I seems like one step ahead two steps back!

Talk to you soon,

Cindy P.

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Fri, 04-02-2004 - 10:09pm
Hi Cindy,

Welcome to the board!!! Glad you found us!! Anything you need just give us a post!!!

*****Sending baby dust your way!!!********

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Sat, 04-03-2004 - 9:49am
Hi Cindy

welcome to the board.

Is it possible to get COBRA coverage for your husbands insurance? The cost may be less than any RE treatment...

Also, an FSH of 2 is great!! Did they do your estradiol level also? If that's high, that can sometimes falsely lower your FSH. And my RE recommends testing the cd 3 FSH every month as it fluctuates...

again welcome!

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Fri, 04-09-2004 - 11:20am
HI Cindy, I am also 44 and ttc. My husband & I have both been married before , and when we got married we decided we wanted to share a child together. In the last 3 years we have been pg 3 times.(without any medical help) First 2 were m/c's, and then 3rd pg ended with our precious daughter being stillborn at 37 weeks due to an umbilical cord accident. WE have currently been ttc again for going on 7 months. I found out a month ago I have a thyroid condition that is probaly keeping me from getting pg this time. We are getting this back under control with medication and Dr.'s see no medical reason i should not be able to conceive again. I have twins that are 22 and my husband has 3 children 12,10, & 7. and we together have our angel that is 8 months old in heaven now.

I know what you mean about not having anyone to talk to about TTC and especially people that understand "why at this age" , you know?? so i was glad to find this board.

Look forward to getting to know all of you.

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Tue, 04-13-2004 - 7:16pm

It looks like we DO have a lot in common. I also have twin boys that are 15 years old. In fact I have 7 older children. Only my 7 year old daughter,Olivia lives at home.She has been wanting a baby sis or brother for many years. Now that I had the TR done hopefully both of our dreams will come true. Today I went to the Dr. and he gave me some clomid. Hopefully this will help me to ovulate!I'am very sorry to hear about your loss.I can't imagine how you and your DH got through that. I did go through a misscarrage about 16 years ago, amd I had trouble getting through that.The only comfort is knowing your little angel is up in heaven and you will see her again.Let's talk again soon!

Cindy P.