45 and have a good follicle

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45 and have a good follicle
Mon, 01-10-2005 - 7:26pm

Hi ladies: I'm brand new. Is there anyone else out there who is trying to conceive at my age, or has had a baby at this age? There's a super site www.motherover40.com that gives me all kinds of hope, but I want to hear from people in "real time" ,too.

I was trying to conceive with at home insemination for about 3 cycles (not in a row, and with a lot of travelling to get it done!) and now am at a clinic. I am on day 10 of my cycle, and took clomid on days 3-7. My fsh is 8, my hsg today showed my tubes are perfect, i ovulate regularly on day 14. Sounds just about perfect except for my age.

My ultrasound today showed a follicle of 22mm.

I am so hopeful that my IUI will be in a couple of days and all will go well. I can see this baby, you know... I want him/her sooooo much.
Any success stories out there???


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Mon, 01-10-2005 - 8:43pm

Hi L,

Your numbers are great! And you sound great. I truly belieive that half the battle is being really positive and visuilizing what you want every single day!!!

I just turned 44 and have been pregnant 3 times since I turned 40. I seem to be pretty fertile, just have a hard time holding onto the pregnancies. I have been to one RE in NYC who thinks I am a very good candidate for IUI and IVF because my numbers are good too(fsh varies between 6 and 7.5) and he said everything looks good (he did some thorough testing). I have some immune issues though so as soon as I change insurance plans I will go the IUI/IVF route and also consult with a very well known immunologist who specializes in fertility. His name is Dr. Beer. There are several other ladies on this site who have had success with him and in combination with IVF and acupuncture.

Sending you lots of sticky baby dust!!!! Hope this is your month!!

(44) TTC #1, BF (41)

PS: I tried that site motherover40.com and got an error message. Is that the right address?

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Tue, 01-11-2005 - 7:35am

It appears that I am still very fertile at my age too, but having a problem hanging onto a pregnancy so far. My cycles are regular, my charts look better than most 20y olds, and my FSH was 8.

I am hopeful that this cycle worked and we finally have a sticky pregnancy! I am currently 11 dpo and staring at faint lines, hoping this time they will continue!

~*~ Catherine (50y) & Rob (44y)
Our 1st precious baby together - m/c @ 8wks - Feb 14, 2004,
plus several possible chemical pregnancies.
My 3 children : 16y, 27y, 30y
Plus 5 + previous babies lost.

~*~ Catherine, mom to three grown men - Jason, Michael & Joshua and Granma to Christopher & Leia.

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Tue, 01-11-2005 - 10:06am

Hi Catherine,

Wow, you are an inspiration! Another woman over 40 with such a positive attitude!! My naturapath told me that he had a 52 year old woman he treated for chronic fatigue sydrome who then became pregnant naturally and had a healthy baby! So it can be done over 45!!

Sending sticky sticky baby dust your way!!!

best to you
(44), BF (41) TTC #1 after 4 mcs

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Tue, 01-11-2005 - 10:46am


I don't want to be a negative force here but I do want to put a little caution into the conversation. I am 41, have a 9 year old that I conceived first time out and then started trying to conceive at 38 nearly 39 for #2. By the time, I was 39 1/2 I was pregnant but then had a miscarriage. After trying a while on my own I went to a RE with the Jones Institute. All my tests came out geat, HSG, FSH, other bloodwork. All my levels are where they should be (and still are). I have had IUI's with Clomid always had an egg over 18 which was good. Actually I think they may have been more like 21 on clomid. Then I moved to injectibles for an IUI did first round end of October and Second round early December. We found out just by chance that in Dec that my body O'd on it's own and had to abort the IUI process (after paying a great deal out of pocket since insurance does not cover it). Through analyzing the situations it appears it may have happened the previous injectible cycle too. The doctor said that although my other tests are great the fact that I O'd on my own before my normal cycle day is definitely a sign of poor ovarian reserve. (When using injectibles you need to use HCG to trigger ovulation normally and they tend to hold off to get more than 1 egg, I should have had at least 3 had it worked).

Just a realistic caution that sometimes you don't know what things are until you truly get into the process.

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Tue, 01-11-2005 - 5:49pm


thank you for the support. the site is www.mothersover40.com sorry!
God bless,

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Sun, 01-30-2005 - 8:43pm

Hi L!

I am 44.8 and have two boys. Recently got pg by accident (husband's, not mine) and I had a missed abortion at 7 weeks. This m/c took me by surprise, despite my geriatric age. It also made me determined to try again. I'm waiting two cycles after my D&C and then I'm going for it. I'll keep you posted. Good luck and best wishes to you!


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Fri, 05-06-2005 - 9:52pm

Hi there, how has it gone for you?

I'm also trying at 41 years of age.