Another Story of Hope

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Another Story of Hope
Mon, 12-11-2006 - 3:53pm

Hi Ladies,

I've been on and off of this board for several months now and wanted to give everyone an update on my news. I hope that this is an inspiration to all of you!

I'm now 44 years old. I got married 3 weeks before my 40th birthday and had my first child "naturally" at 41. For over a year now, we've hoped to have another. I've had three miscarriages since August of '05, however, and was beginning to lose hope. This summer, at my RE's suggestion, I tried injectables for two cycles. Nothing came of it. Then we took a two month break, during which time we went on vacation as a family and, well, wouldn't you know it. I'm now 8 1/2 weeks pregnant, with no intervention.

Given my history of miscarriage, I'm still nervous about this, but got some good news today when they got a strong heartbeat during the sonogram.

I'm posting this to say to everyone DON'T GIVE UP! God willing, I'll be less than a month from turning 45 when this baby is born.


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Mon, 12-11-2006 - 11:25pm

Thanks for your post. I am 40 and recently m/c at 17 weeks but am hoping to TTC in a couple of months. It's great to get a shot of hope!


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Sun, 12-17-2006 - 5:51pm


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Mon, 12-18-2006 - 9:56pm

Wow! What wonderful news ! congrats to you ! Thank you for sharing your news ! What an inspiration ! Please keep us updated on your progress !

here's to a healthy and happy nine months !

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