Anyone else 47 and ttc?, or am I........

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Anyone else 47 and ttc?, or am I........
Sat, 05-14-2005 - 3:16am

Crazy and alone?????????

Hi everyone,
I'm new here, Iam 47 years "young".
(LOL) Mom of 3 sons, and I am ttc.

I'm hoping I am not the only one here that is ttc!

I had m/c 2 years ago, it was very spontaneous,and when I told my ob/gyn , that me and my husband really wanted another baby, her exact words were " your too old"!


That was 2 years ago and I'm still ttc! LOL

I guess I'm looking for some support and encouragement, and it would feel great toknow I'm not alone!

I look forward to interacting with everyone here!


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Wed, 05-18-2005 - 9:40pm

Hi Doxy!

Well, I just turned 45 two days ago (much to my horror!). I have two boys, ages 7 and soon to be 11. I decided another would be nice a few years ago but DH and DSs said no way. Then last November we had an OOPs pg. Alas, I had a m/c in late December followed by a D&C in early January. Once I lost the pg I was all of a sudden desperate for another wee one. So after O'ing in January (but not TTC) 10 days after my D&C, I didn't O in Feb, Mar, April even though we were actively TTC. This month it happened and I am fairly sure I'm pg again. I'm testing tomorrow morning. Will let you know. By the way, all natural, I didn't even temp or chart.

Having said that, if I am pg, I'm very scared of having another m/c. It's a difficult path to take but well worth it if you're successful. Good luck to you


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Fri, 05-20-2005 - 10:29pm
hi doxy, no you are not alone. I have four children, my oldest is 28 and my youngest is 6. my husband and i do not use anything to prevent pg and my body is starting to change again...i said that five years ago was 39 days before i got my period last month and not pg...right now it's 35 days and counting. i tried a pg test last week. it was negative. about two weeks ago i had some staining and then a little blob of mucus with a little brown blood. i thought for sure it might be implantation bleeding but that's when i took the test and got a negative. i'm still hoping. i am 48 and for some reason still wanting another. i had my last at 42 and i remember my dr. telling me that his oldest patient to conceive a baby was 48 sooooo....! May God give you what you want. va newlifer
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Wed, 05-25-2005 - 11:02pm
I was 46 years and 11 months old when I had my son 22 months ago. It is possible. Good Luck!
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Fri, 05-27-2005 - 6:25am

Not alone or crazy! Now me, I must be crazy to be TTC at 51!

~*~ Catherine (51y) & Rob (45y)
Our 1st precious baby together - m/c @ 8wks - on Feb 14, 2004 & many early chemicals.
My 3 children : 17y, 27y, 30y. Plus 5 + previous babies lost.
"Every truly great accomplishment is at first impossible."

~*~ Catherine, mom to three grown men - Jason, Michael & Joshua and Granma to Christopher & Leia.

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Wed, 06-01-2005 - 12:44am
I posted my first message on here just the day before you did. Nobody replied to mine, but I just wanted you to know that I am 42 and kinda thinking about ttc. I feel like I am too old, but the desire is still there. My thoughts and prayers are with you and just wanted you to know; you are not crazy and I wish you all the best. Keep me posted on your progress if you would like, or even if you just need someone to listen, I am here. Thanks for reading, Blairwitch42
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Wed, 06-22-2005 - 4:31pm

It is sure nice to see that I'M NOT the only one!!! I kept having these thoughts of having another baby, I have 3 wonderful boys, 7, 9,& 11 and I so desparately want another!! But at 44 I sort of thought it was impossible!! My ob/gyn told me at 38 that it might be difficult to get I'm praying and hoping at 44, since I just started TTC now. It's wonderful to see the success of "40 something girls" conceiving and TTC!!

Good Luck to all!!

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Sat, 08-06-2005 - 7:29am
Thanks a million for sharing this with us. We need inspirations like yours at times like this.
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Thu, 08-25-2005 - 5:51pm

It was great to hear your good news.

I am 45 and 3 months and TTC#1 going for my third IUI with meds. I feel so conflicted about how to feel - about hoping or just saying, "hey I am too old and I will be too tired and not able to afford a child", all that - and then to hear you got PG - that is great! May I ask how.

Thanks for being my inspiration for the day/week/month.

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Wed, 09-21-2005 - 12:02am
Congrats on your 22 month old!
Did you have to have assistance in getting pregnant or did this happen naturally? I will be 47 in a few weeks and am somewhat hesitant about trying to get pregnant. My GYN's basic assessment is that there are no problems other than my age/less eggs to fertilize. I will see a reproductive specialist next month for a more in depth assessment. My husband will also go in soon for testing (he is in his 30's). Did you have to go through this process? Thanks!!