anyone have 6 and trying for more at 43

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anyone have 6 and trying for more at 43
Thu, 07-22-2004 - 10:52pm
I'll be 44 in August and DH will be 47 in September. We have six healthy kids together now but just went through a miscarriage 6-21. It wasn't a planned pregnancy but we were excited about having a new babe in the house. Our kids range in age from 23 - 2 1/2. I have morning sickness really bad and that's another reason I'm not sure if I want to try again or not. I'm also worried about having another miscarriage. I would like to know if you think I'm crazy or not having another baby at our age and with six healthy ones already. It seems like most of you only have a couple or are trying for your first.



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Fri, 07-23-2004 - 8:10pm
GO FOR IT!! Best of wishes!! Lisa
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Sat, 07-24-2004 - 5:10pm

You go for it girl!

I'm 42 and DH is 51. Together we have 6. He has five and I have one ranging in age from 31-13. I just lost Lacie Leanne on 6/22, we didn't plan it but once we found out it was great. Then a week after the amino I lost her. I'm sure it was the amino, because the results showed she was perfect. But having Lacie made us think that we really did want a baby in the family, one of our own. So DH and I are going to TTC after I get my first cycle. We are too old to let the grass grow under our feet!

So it seems like no matter what your situation someone else has been there done that or close to it, and can help you through it. And these people on the boards are so supportive and giving.

I applaude you for wanting to give it a go again.

Lots of baby dust to us all,


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Sun, 08-08-2004 - 1:26pm

i AM 45 1/2 DH IS 47, We have 4 between us (2 living w/their mother 1 grown and out on his own), and our little sweet baby James 21mnths. We have been trying for a year and 1/2 for another. I agree, you should try again. we are not too old, I think we enjoy our children more now than when we were young, It seems like there is more time now, our lives are not as hectic and busy, and I think I also have more patience now than I did with my 22 yr old. I wish you the best.


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Fri, 08-13-2004 - 9:46am
I agree with you Patty. I have a lot more patience now than I did when my DD was little. I love being with my grandchildren and most of the stuff they do doesn't bother me, but it did when my DD was small. Plus now I think a new borns cry is sweet instead of so stressful. Silly me.

Good luck to you and your DH..

Sticky baby dust to you...


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Sun, 08-22-2004 - 1:45am
some people thought i was nuts too!

i had 5 children from my first marriage...then i met this sweet guy...9 years younger than i am. we had three babies after i turned 40. zachary was born when i was 40, kendra at age 42 and beckett james was born just before i turned 47.

if you are crazy, then i must certainly be commitable!


the age range of our 8 children is 2yr-26yr (my oldest daughter will be 27 in november)

best wishes to your lovely family

(and secretly hoping you get that last little addition)


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Thu, 08-26-2004 - 9:33am
hi there~

i am new to this board ...!! but, i just wanted to drop you a little note. i am 40 going on 41 and am the proud mom of 6 boys. we too have recently started trying to have another no, i don't think you are crazy. we are going to a infertility doctor, since my biological clock is ticking. we start meds on the 1st of sept. kinda nervous. i will be doing injections and clomid. my boys are 21 down to 2 1/2...all wonderful boys. we just thought one more would be a wonderful, off we go on the journey of trying to get paregnant. i would love to hear if you do conceive...and i will let you know how i am doing. i am hoping to talk with someone who is doing the meds like i am...hopefully i will find one. keep in touch..and happy baby making..!!!


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Thu, 09-16-2004 - 3:01am
hi there: I will be 45 in october, and we have been ttc for the past 3 years with no luck//we have 9 year old twins and an 11 year old, which were conceived naturally before age 40//we want to have just 1 more//so, no, you are not crazy//it is your life and your body//don't let anyone discourage you//best of luck to you//I will be starting IVF in either October or November//wish me luck:)
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Mon, 09-27-2004 - 5:06pm
Well I guess we are all crazy..LOL..I am 45 and have # 8 due 2-21-05..Ages are 8,9,11,16,18,24,&26 feb..Scared to death yet trilled at the same time.