August 2012 Roll Call

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August 2012 Roll Call
Wed, 08-01-2012 - 7:53am

Our thread to chat and keep track of how we are and where we all are in our cycles. You can share as much or as little as you like. I have found with TTC there really is never TMI. Hope we have some great success stories for this month and I would like to encourage more of our "read only" gals to drop by and say hello. I love having all of our new members with us and as always, my long time pals here too. Love you girls- you are all a great support and comfort for me!

Post your:

Name (real or a username we can call you)  Age, spouse and any children

CD(cycle day) how many cycles have you been trying

How are you trying? natural, IUI  IVF

Anything else you want to share



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Wed, 08-01-2012 - 8:30pm

Hi, everyone! I'm Rachelle (sounds like Rachel) (39) and fairly new here. This is only my and DH's (41) second cycle actively TTC. So far, I'm just using OPKs, New Chapter Prenatal Vitamins, and Gaia Vitex Elixir. I also have an acupuncture appointment for Friday evening.  I had one loss about five years ago, which I think was a blighted ovum. I don't know how many months I'll be able to carry on if this doesn't work out. Right now, I'm CD6, and keeping my FX for me and everyone else on this board. My job is highly stressful at times, and I'm doing my best to manage that because I certainly don't want THAT to be the reason I don't get my little treasure...Baby dust to you all.

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Wed, 08-01-2012 - 5:36pm

Name  Annemarie Age 43, DH 43 no children..only step

CD4, trying for 16 cycles

How are you trying? natural

I am going to change my diet and add Yoga for the next 3-5 months.  I also feel by the end of the year, it will be time to focus on something else.




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Wed, 08-01-2012 - 11:46am

Name Ambur (45), DH (47) DS (2)

CD(7), have been trying for 5-6 months

How are you trying? We have been trying naturally (aided with acupuncture and chinese herbs) since January, with DH traveling twice during the wrong time of the month, and one month of being out of the game due to a hysteroscopy. Back to trying this month but with Clomid, on last day of taking 100mg per day. No acupuncture this month, but will probably start back up next month if nothing happens. 

Anything else you want to share: Due to our ages, if this doesn't happen for us by October, we aren't going to prevent, but we are proabably going to stop trying. I was originally going to only give it until my 45th birthday in July, but with the three set backs of not really being able to try or give it our all, we're allowing a few more months. We will do IUI as our last hoorah. IVF is not in the picture financially. 

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Wed, 08-01-2012 - 10:28am



Name (real or a username we can call you)  Age, spouse and any children - Vanessa (41), DH (45) DS (4)

CD(cycle day) how many cycles have you been trying -  CD4, I have lost track of the number of cycles however we have been trying for #2 since Dec 2008.

How are you trying? natural, IUI  IVF - We initially stuck with natural because I could get pregnant but then would miscarry (5 naturally and D&C). This year we did two IVF cycles both ending in chem pregnancies (so total 7 M/C). I am scheduled for a FET this month with one embryo but it didn't stick when they transferred 4 and then 5 so I don't hold out too much hope. After this, if it doesn't work, we will revert back to natural. The IVF road is very taxing, DH is definitely not a fan, and I feel like I am ALWAYS at the RE and away from my DS, especailly since my RE is in NY and I live in NJ.

Anything else you want to share -Last cycle I began going to an accupunturist (I have an appt today and also for a fertility massage) and taking vitamins/supplements (Red Rasberry Tea Leaf, COQ10 (400 mg), Vitex, Royal Jelly with Bee Pollen, Vit C, Vit B Complex, Folgard, Prenatal and after O a Baby Aspirin). I have more drugs than my local pharmacy -:smileytongue:.

My issue is convolluted, but open FT with possible adhesions and mild hydrosalpinx in the left tube (which, if it is leaking, could be causing implantation issues). I am currently debating whether it makes sense to have a laproscopy. I am not sure if it could help me but I think the procedure might be able to remove the adhesions so that maybe my right tube has a chance and maybe even correct the fluid issue with the left? I don't know.:smileyfrustrated:

Anywho... Happy to join in talking to you ladies. Lots of luck to all for this cycle!

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Wed, 08-01-2012 - 9:45am

Vicky, that was a nice chart boo!!!! I think I extended my trying through the end of this year, I turn 44 late November so we will be on a similar tragectory. This all changes if my labs come back negative, my attempts will then include whatever a doctor thinks our path forward is. Hugs, girl, I've missed you!

Name (real or a username we can call you)  Age, spouse and any children: Michele 43, DH 45, childless, unless you consider my two cats children: Jack 9 and Jill 10.

CD(cycle day) how many cycles have you been trying: CD3 I think... a very light cycle, I must of shed my entire lining last month. I think this is cycle 12, the cyle we were to stop, but I'm sure others here have said they would stop and just kept on trying...

How are you trying? natural, IUI  IVF: Still natural... my last two cycles have been very long for me... thinking this is transition time for me as I have one ovary, some hot flashes and now two wonky cycles in a row. I had stopped temping but picked it back up again for the security of knowing that I O'd or not. At least when temping I knew whether or not I had.

Anything else you want to share: With any luck, our insurance will be approved effective August 15th, I believe we have jumped through all of thier hoops, now we are just waiting for DH's lab results and the underwriting finalization. Once that is done, I'm going to an OB/GYN for a well woman and to see what gives with my missed /long cycles and hopefully I can also assess my fertility. The path forward will be determined by that visit, as at nearly 44, I prefer not to wait much longer before we have a LO. I'm thinking ED or adoption at this point are the options left, but they may find that my eggs are plenty, hard to say. Of course, we would still be "trying"  even while the whole ED/adoption process goes through.

Tons of Baby dust to all of the ladies here.


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Wed, 08-01-2012 - 8:13am

I guess I can start this one off. I should be 14 dpo but woke to find AF-although light right now, I believe she will get a new cycle started for me today. I'm really not upset like I thought but it does make me a little angry to see the best chart I have had in a long time end with AF smiling. Upward and Onward we go!

Vickie, 43, hubby, 46  DS 21 twin DD 15

CD 1 (cycle 31) with 3 losses in  a year (2010-2011)

Trying all natural, I temp and check CM and CP Going to chart to O this month and try to wean myself from temping after O.

I have been struggling with the decision to keep trying and I have decided to call it at the end of the year. I will be 44 then and I have put other things aside to pursue this and I just feel that I'm letting life pass by with little enjoyment.


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