Back again and back to the drawing board!

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Back again and back to the drawing board!
Mon, 11-08-2010 - 2:30pm

Wow, alot has changed since I was here last-not only the layout of IV but the faces. It is also great to see so many positives since I was here last.

For those of you who are new/don't remember me I was blessed enough to conveive and deliver a healthy baby girl in August of 2009. My husband and I have been half-heartedly trying since then, but we had a talk this last weekend and we are ready to try "for reals" beginning in May. I would really like to lose about 30 pounds first, and get myself healthy first. In the meantime tho, I am going to be getting back into the swing of temping and tracking so that when I am ready to try, I will have a better idea of where I am at each month.

I am going to find a new doctor and hopefully he will be on board with this. I didnt feel that my last caregivers (a group of midwives) were very supportive of trying again.

Wish me luck!

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Mon, 11-08-2010 - 3:43pm

Welcome back!

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Mon, 11-08-2010 - 3:47pm
Of course lot of luck! I also went on a wt loss program first. Fwiw I had good success w weight watchers online. Again good luck and welcome back

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Mon, 11-08-2010 - 8:36pm

Welcome back to the rollercoaster lol. Good luck on a quick and helthy pregnancy.


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Mon, 11-08-2010 - 10:50pm

Welcome back lesa :-)

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Tue, 11-09-2010 - 1:43am

Welcome back & good luck!!!

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Tue, 11-09-2010 - 9:56am

Welcome Back Lesa and good luck!

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Sun, 11-14-2010 - 8:51am

Hi Lesa!