Big O finally - and 1st RE questions

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Big O finally - and 1st RE questions
Tue, 05-29-2007 - 2:25pm

Well, last Friday we finally got the happy face on the OPK! So we BD'ed all weekend long. I'm not getting too excited however. When I checked the actual lines on the OPK behind the happy face, the test line was nowhere near as dark as the control line. So, since we had gone to San Antonio for the holiday, I'm afraid the travel may have messed the OPK up so that it gave a false positive.

At any rate, I will know by the end of next week. On the 6th is my first visit with the fertility specialist (I don't know if she is an RE or what). Assuming I am not PG at the time, what should I be asking? What tests should I request? I'll be going on my own this time since I don't see the need for DH to take time off work just yet.


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Tue, 05-29-2007 - 8:43pm

Hi Kim,

I wouldn't worry about what you saw on the actual test strip.

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