Could I be pregnant?

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Could I be pregnant?
Mon, 05-24-2004 - 8:44pm
Hi Everyone

I am new to this board. Seems like a fun place, real nice ladies. My husband and I are TTC #1. No previous pregnancies (to my knowledge). I stumbled across you last week then have been out of town and now I have a question!

DH (one of only about 5 abreviations I have figured out so far!!) and I were married last September and have been ttc since, (on account of my age!) I will be 41 this week! Though we were trying, we had not tried anything in particular. Until last month when I saw an article in Lifetime magazine on 'How to get pregnant fast' ~ It worked! Well.. it might have worked! My period is two weeks late. I took a home pregnancy test last night and the result was positive. I had a pre-conception check-up scheduled for the end of this week. I called the Dr's office and she suggested I do another test today, then call them tomorrow re the appointment.

However, today I got my period. I have severe stomach cramps with it too. I still did the 2nd test and that also shows up as positive. So I am not really sure now! How accurate are those tests anyway?! Could I still have a normal (or heavier than normal period?) I am in agony but afraid to take anything, normally I would take a Beecham's Powder, which is probably a similar thing to your BC powders.

Am I or aren't I? I am pinning my hopes on those tests, but DH refuses to now I have my period.


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Wed, 05-26-2004 - 10:29am

Karen I would call your doctor right away and get in to have a pg blood test.


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Wed, 05-26-2004 - 11:45pm
Those tests have always been accurate with me and everyone I know. As Cathie suggested get yourself to a doctor IMMEDIATELY and get that prg blood test which will absolutely confirm it. Then get your progesterone levels tested also. If I were you I would have a doctor prescribe progesterone suppositories just to make sure that you keep your progesterone levels up. It cannot hurt. And don't take no for an answer, there are many ladies on these boards and on the pregant over 40 boards who can attest to the efficacy of progesterone supplements especially with women over 40. A lot of doctors will say that a level of 12 or higher is fine, but that is not the case! Anything less than 20 is not good.

I also wanted to let you know that a good friend of mine reported to me that her mother had 4 months of what she thought were periods, but in fact she was pregnant, and went on to have a perfectly healthy baby. so don't worry right now, just try to keep yourself stress free. My biggest concern for you is that you take care of yourself like never before so that you keep this pregnancy. It is precious!!

We will all keep everything crossed for you that this pregnancy will stick for you!! (I do believe that you are pregnant.)

Best wishes


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Thu, 05-27-2004 - 10:49am
Hi Cathie & Jadu

Thank you so much for your responses and advice.

On Monday through the night, my bleeding got excessive and the cramps were pretty bad too! I called the Dr office as soon as they opened and they sent me to the ER. where I spent the best part of 7 hours!

I had a blood test that confirmed I was pregnant, I also was sent for an ultrasound and they took some photo's inside (I dont know what they call that).

Can you tell I only half know what I'm talking about!! I was in the best hands I know that, since I work for the guy who heads the ER and he had this Dr notified I was coming in, so I was comfortable with the waiting. Eventually, the lab found one of the blood samples they had managed to misplace in 1 hour (!) The Dr told me that the hormone level was only at 75 which he informed me was real low, though it was a positive. He needed to wait until today to give me another test which I go for soon to make sure these levels have doubled. My OB/GYN is going to obtain the results by the time my afternoon appointment comes round. The ultra sound showed nothing.

He diagnosed me having a threatened m/c. The bleeding and cramps continued though did not increase. It eased a lot in those next twelve hours and today I have neither.

I am hoping. I will keep you posted thank you both for your concern and good wishes.


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Thu, 05-27-2004 - 12:00pm

I am very happy for you and hope all is well. Can you tell me what the article said to do that you think helped you get pregnant?


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Sun, 05-30-2004 - 8:45pm
Hi Cathie, Hi Jadu,

Thanks for your advice and you concern.

My follow-up visit yeilded a negative blood sample. I had lost the pregnancy. Sorry its taken me a few days to get back here, this hit me harder than I thought possible. I didnt even see a heartbeat. I was five and a half weeks. My Dr has given me instructions to have three more blood tests, to make sure all it well. He said physically I was good, but to hold off ttc for three months. (This seems like an eternity to me) I have the tests scheduled for day 21 of my next cycle. They include progesterone, which I mentioned, thanks Jadu, and TSH (I don't know what this is) and T-4 (Thyroxine).

I was more upset by (what I took for a lack of caring) the casual way my DH dealt with it. Though he was gentle and sympathetic he had this oh well, maybe next time kind of attitude. I was devastated, I have waited my whole life to have children with the love of my life. I mentioned to him how upset I was and then he was devastated that I taken it wrong. He said that he thought if he was strong it would help me! Bless Him. I love this man soooo much, yet we never ever see anything the same way without a discussion!!

I thank you once again Cathie and Jadu for your thoughts and good wishes.

I feel pretty lame about feeling as bad as I do when there are so many of you who have had it much worse than me and my heart goes out to you all and I wish you all the best in ttc.


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Sun, 05-30-2004 - 8:48pm
Hi Mary

Thanks for you good wishes, sadly I lost my pregnancy. The article I know I have kept and am going to search through my magazines to find it for you!


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Mon, 06-07-2004 - 9:43pm
Karen: I am so sorry to hear of your loss. My thoughts & prayers are with you...many of us on this board can relate to a miscarriage. It doesn't matter the length of your pregnancy...that was a real baby for you and your dh. Grieving that type of loss is normal. I will be thinking about you and praying for you.

Take care.