Fertility is a fickle @*#*!!

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Fertility is a fickle @*#*!!
Sun, 06-14-2009 - 2:30am

Pregnancy doesn't come easy to me.

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Fri, 06-19-2009 - 4:12pm

Well, #1 - if you're a whiner, then we all are!!!

Lilypie - (uHMg)

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Mon, 06-15-2009 - 10:45pm
I am so sorry for your loss.


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Mon, 06-15-2009 - 1:39am

I am so sorry for your loss, it hurts so much. You are definitely NOT whining. You are hurting, and that is hard. I see myself in a lot of your story, a difficult time getting pregnant, finally coming to terms with the number of children, and unexpected pregnancy and then loss. I knew soon after that I wanted to truly try again, not just unprotected like we had been, but it took DH a little while longer to decide to try again. I was also quite angry about a week after we lost the baby, but it passed quite quickly. Please take time to grieve and mourn your loss, but if you decide to try again the ladies here are wonderful support.

And being grateful for what you already have does not make the loss or the desire for more any less. I have four children, but the fact that my heart still cries for more makes it every bit as painful as before I had any children. The only real difference is that I have many wonderful distractions during my day, but the tears can still come at night. ((((Hugs))))


Loving Mom to three


Loving Mom to three rambunctious 

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Sun, 06-14-2009 - 2:21pm

Thank you ladies for your kind words and support.

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Sun, 06-14-2009 - 9:50am

I'm so sorry to hear about your loss Barb.

Beach Scene

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Sun, 06-14-2009 - 9:48am
Hi Barb, I'm so sorry about your miscarriage!


Susan V

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Sun, 06-14-2009 - 9:27am

Hi Barb and welcome. I am sorry for your loss. You are NOT a pathetic whiner and of course you are grateful for what you have. But a m/c is incredibly painful -- even if the PG was not expected. It is a tremendous loss and of course, the PG was so wanted, it makes you wonder if you should try again. You do need to give yourselves some time to grieve and come to terms with things as they are and then you will know what to do.

We are here to support you.