Fibroid removal + regular periods

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Fibroid removal + regular periods
Mon, 02-07-2005 - 12:13pm

Hi - it's been a long time since I posted. Have not been back since I miscarried last July. Since then I've had a laparotomy myomectomy - basically a c-section to remove the fibroids - four of them. Great post-op visits - all clear to go.

That was at end of October 2004 and I have only had two regular periods since then - one was very heavy and the next very light. I am now about to embark on my last ivf - through donor egg. Has anyone gone through this surgery and had normal periods - ie in duration, timing etc. At 46 with 2 m/c and way too many iuis I am on my last attempt. Any insight would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks to all of you - my heart breaks when I read so many of your postings but I also know that if we all didn't want to be mothers so much it wouldn't hurt so much. There's a lot of love out there.

Cheers - Barbara

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Wed, 02-09-2005 - 7:23pm

I had a myomectomy in 1998 and my periods were very regular, 25 day cycles - and still are. I have since had a few other surgerys - D&Cs and laparoscopies. I had 3 large and several small fibroids removed too, via the same method as you. The only thing was I had to deliver c-section - which did not bother me in the least! :)

Good luck to you! I wish I had started trying to conceive soon after my surgery - we waited almost 3 years after...

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Thu, 02-10-2005 - 11:30am

Thanks, Michele

Well, you've certainly got more experience on this than I do - but I agree with you on the c-section - it bothers me not one iota - especially since I've been going through this process for a few years now. And the ultimate goal is for a baby. As my first RE told me -- don't waste any time thinking about what you could have, should have done ie starting this process earlier. It is what it is so don't go beating yourself up over it.

Good luck to you and thanks for responding.

Best, Barbara