first RE appt -- what to expect?

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first RE appt -- what to expect?
Sat, 02-07-2009 - 10:18am

Hi everyone,

Some of you might have read that I have my first appt. at the fertility clinic on March 10. They told me the whole thing would take one hour, and that my H doesn't have to be there for this one.

Does anyone know what they might do? Just curious... I'm already scheduled for a CD3 blood test this month, so that will already be taken care of, and my insurance company has sent a list of "approved" testing. Do they do all the tests -- like ultrasound -- at the first appointment?

Please share any experiences with me because I'm a little scared about the whole process!


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Mon, 02-09-2009 - 2:02pm

don't let the appointment get to you.

Susan L.

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Mon, 02-09-2009 - 8:38pm
Hi Kellie. My experience was basically a chat with the doc and being sent for tests and some b/w. It really doesn't take an hour, and they don't even usually do an exam.
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Thu, 02-19-2009 - 6:49pm

We both had all our testing done before actually meeting with the RE (requirement of our insurance). Once we met with the RE, it was just going over our action plan, deciding how we wanted to proceed, and meeting with the financial advisor.

Don't worry. It'll be fine.

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Thu, 02-19-2009 - 7:12pm
At my first RE appointment, they told me it would be about an hour. THey did do a physical exam. They tested for Cystic Fibrosis and did a pap, etc. DId an exam to feel for cysts. Then we taked about my history, stats for my age, etc. I am Catholic and not looking for major intervention. I wanted blood work to see if I am even able to get pregnant anymore. They did a clomefine(sp?) challenge test that first cycle and determined that I responded to clomid and was ovulating. They did a sono, etc. All in all, that first month cost me over 1,000. just for doc visits and blood work and sonos and meds. Clomid and ovridel. Second cycle *this month) I had 5 great follicles on 100mg clomid. Did my ovridel shot the other night and bd last night and again tonight. Hopefully this is my cycle because honestly, we cant afford to spend this kind of money. So far this cycle has cost me 700.00 and I will still need progesterone test and hcg and ovary check if I get my period. So it is a lot of money when your insurance doesn't cover any of it.