First try last night!

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First try last night!
Sat, 06-30-2007 - 1:51pm

I just turned 41 and weigh 255 and have just started TTC my first baby. (married almost 9 years) I have 2 risks' which is overweight and over 40, but I feel that if this is meant to be that God will bless us with a child/children. If not, then he has other plans in store for us. But I just have this strong feeling that this is going to happen and God will make me a Mommy.

I am a little nervous how I will get along overweight and pregnant, but I see on these boards that a lot of women have done it and don't have any complaints. So guess it won't be as hard as I think.

But I must say....I am so excited! Ever since making this decision, it's like my life has started over and all this new stuff is so exciting. It's like I've been asleep all these years and now I just woke up and got back on track to what I should be doing.

I haven't told my Mom that we are trying because I think she will try to burst my bubble. She doesn't want me to have kids. She has no reason behind it. Maybe it's that we have a lot of fun when she comes for a visit (I live 1,500+ miles from her) and a baby might throw a wrench into our "play time" when she's here.

Well anyway, I just wanted to tell someone WE ARE TRYING TO HAVE A BABY, because if I don't tell someone I think I'm gonna POP! yeahhhhhhhh

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Sat, 06-30-2007 - 2:40pm

Hi there and welcome=^..^=

Congratulations on you decision!! You sound very excited:.)

What CD are you on?? Have you been to your doctor yet? Keep us posted and best luck. Also, can we get your name?

I'm 40 years old, at CD3 and this will be our first time ttc for baby #1. I'm excited one minute and unsure the next(LOL). To much thinking can drive a girl crazy!!


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Sat, 06-30-2007 - 2:41pm

good luck with your journey...I too, am trying to conceive my first baby at age 40 and just started to BD last month. I just had second BD cycle and now I am waiitng to do HPT.

Best Wishes,


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Sat, 06-30-2007 - 6:08pm

Hi, and welcome! I'm glad you haven't popped! :-) Come talk to us anytime.

Just try to eat as healthy as you can and get some exercise so that you're strong WHEN you get pregnant! :-) As for your mom, she may not want to make you feel badly about not having a baby so she emphasizes how happy she is with the way your life is now. My guess is that WHEN you give her a grandchild, she will want to visit even more and spend time with all of you!




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Sat, 06-30-2007 - 11:53pm

My name is Ellon and I am on CD 13. Thanks for all your responses and happy thoughts. They really made me smile.

My DH and I went to a BBQ today with some other friends and everyone was sitting around the backyard talking and I just wanted to stand up and say "OUR FIRST TRY WAS LAST NIGHT!". But of course I didn't. But I sure couldn't get my mind off of it.

I am trying to eat healthy. And so that my blood sugar remains stable, I am eating a balanced snack every 3 hours. (and no refined sugar). Water is a challenge, but I am trying to drink plenty so my fluids stay really hydrated. My theory is to keep the mucus hydrated so it's easier for the sperm to swim.

Best Wishes to all of you. It's so nice to have other people on the same track.

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Sun, 07-01-2007 - 8:16am

Hello Ellon. I just wanted to add 2 encouraging stories. First, I conceived and had my first baby at 40 (I am currently trying for a second). Second, my hairdresser, who has been annovulatory for years because she is seriously overweight AND has cycts on her ovaries, was beside herself with joy last time i went to get my hair cut because she had just discovered that she was 20 weeks' pregnant!


Good Luck

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Sun, 07-01-2007 - 12:42pm

Welcome Ellon,

My name is Tiffany and I am 41. My DH had a VR 12/06 and we have been trying ever since. I know exactly how you feel about wanting to POP!!!! It made me smile to read your post and hear your enthusiasm. Us girls that have been at it for a while need a fresh face every now and then!!!!! I have 4 children (17 DS, 15 Twin DD, 11 DS) and 2 steps (12 DD, 10 DS). It sounds like a lot but my DH and I love children and can't wait to have one of our own and I think it will be a great bonding experience for all of the children.

YIPPEEE and here's to trying. I hope you caught the egg on the 1st cycle!!! That would be sooooo exciting.

Have a great day!!!!!!