? friend 46yrs would love a first baby

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? friend 46yrs would love a first baby
Mon, 09-20-2004 - 6:29pm

Many thanks for your time and help.

My friend is 46yrs, has done IVF many times, can't do it anymore, no result yet, no

pregnancy, she is trying naturally now, does ovulate, takes fertility herb blend

mixture, doing acupuncture, did acupuncture also while on IVF. My be her

husband should be on something also.

as you will see by my profile I have 6 children, so can't help her much by

my experience, I just would love to encourage her as she is still positive about

having a baby, I have a friend who got pregnant at 47yrs, she had children in the past though, any other idea's I can pass on, or experience you girls have had that worked.

Thanks again Peta