Has this happened to anyone else?

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Has this happened to anyone else?
Tue, 05-18-2004 - 5:10am
DH and I have been trying to conceive for about the past 5 months. Twice, well three cycles now, I have had pg symptoms. I mean, sore breasts, nausea, cramping, irritability, tiredness, the works. The first two times this happened, I had early periods. Then the next month's cycle would be completely normal, no symptoms, etc.

I am wondering if maybe the eggs are getting fertilized, but just not implanting right? If anyone else has gone through this? I have not been to any fertility specialists, and am really a novice to all of this. But in case you are wondering, YES, I am having the pg symptoms AGAIN! Just not getting my hopes up yet. Thank you!

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Thu, 05-20-2004 - 1:41am
Thanks! I can't really do any testing now, because DH is not sure about having another baby. I mean, he'll be happy if it "just happens", but is not gung-ho about agressively pursuing it. He thinks the two we have now keep us busy enough, and broke enough!

I am having some spotting tonight, and hoping it's implantation spotting. I am SO nauseous and crampy. But I guess I'll just have to wait and see, to find out if AF comes.

I know so little about all of this, and I appreciate any help.

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Wed, 05-19-2004 - 11:31pm

Sound like something is going on there. I would have some testing done to see what you can find out. Let us know if we can help in any way!!!

Keep us posted!!!!!!

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Wed, 05-19-2004 - 4:25am
Thank you for your advice and warm welcome!


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Wed, 05-19-2004 - 4:24am
Thank you, Pat! I just KNEW it!

Did your RE say WHY the fertilized egg wasn't implanting properly? I have a friend who has been undergoing frequent fertility treatments and this is what she recommended:

1. Drink a glass of grapefruit or pineapple juice daily, to thicken your lining.

2. Take a baby aspirin morning and night, to help blood flow to egg.

3. Take plain Robitussin, for more cervical mucous.

I guess it can't hurt...

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Tue, 05-18-2004 - 9:22pm
Yes this happened to me many times when I was TTC and actually I tested positive on an HPT only to have AF show up that very day. I am convinced I was gettin pregnant quite often. My DH and I then went to seek the help of a Reproductive Endocrinologist (RE). During my many monitored cycles it became obvious that I had indeed been getting fertilization but having early m/c. He always did a blood test around CD26 during my medicated cycles and I usually tested positive which meant I had gotten fertilization. This was good news in a way because I knew that nothing was preventing my getting pregnant. On the other hand it was discouraging... getting 'ignition' but no 'blast off'! so to speak. Anyhow, my story has a happy ending with a viable pregnancy after about 2 years of trying. Maybe this is what is happening to you as well.... maybe you should find out for sure. There are also other things which could be causing your symptoms but you won't know unless you investigate. Have you tried a sensitive HPT or gone into your doctor for a b/t? They should be able to test your HCG level even before AF shows up... make sure you ask for a QUANTITATIVE test though... otherwise you get a yes/no. Oh.. and ask for the HCG level when they give you the test result.

Best of luck! ~ Pat
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Tue, 05-18-2004 - 10:16am

Hello and welcome.