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Thu, 03-02-2006 - 10:12am
Hello everybody,
My name is Dawn and I just found this board today. I started out on the other side, but miscarried yesterday at 6 weeks. This morning I have found TTC after loss board, and then stumbled upon TTC in our 40s. I am so glad I found all of you. I am 41 and have DD 21, DD 19, DS 8 and we are trying for #4. I never had any trouble getting preg. in fact DS was the only planned one out of the bunch. This miscarriage has been a complete shock for us and today is a very hard day. The doc says we can try again after one cycle. Does anyone know how long that takes to happen? Today I am still bleeding quite a bit, and since I was not very far along I decided to let nature do its thing and not have a D&C. Reading all of your stories has truely been inspirational for me. You are all such strong women. When everyone went to school/work today, I sat and just cried. You have actually lifted my spirits and my will to try again with a vengance !!!!!
Thank You,

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I'm so sorry for your loss.....good luck to you and keep thinking positive! I am 43 with an 18-month daughter and thinking about TTC again. I know I have to make my decision soon, as time is not on my side.

Take care,

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Sun, 03-19-2006 - 3:28pm

(((HUGS)) I am very sorry for your loss. I think one cycle is and could be way off but once you recover from your MC and have a normal period after that.

I am Laura, 43 and just starting to think about TTC again I totally thought we were done. Also, just finding this board today

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Wed, 04-12-2006 - 5:44pm

Hi all,

My name is Stephanie. I also just found this board today. I am 41 and TTC again. I have a DD that will be 1 next week. We have been TTC for several years...on our own for a while and then two m/c and then to an RE for help. I had an IUI with DD and have had 3 more since her birth. One didn't take, then a 3rd m/c and the last one we are still waiting to test. Cross your fingers! We'll test next week!

I feel like I'm still in my 20s sometimes, until I hear the 20 year olds talk :) (I'm definitely not considered cool anymore!) So I know I can handle it physically. I just wish my body would cooperate.

Good luck to everyone and let's get this board active!

Houston, TX

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