Hello and introduction

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Hello and introduction
Fri, 12-28-2012 - 12:57pm


My name is Beth. My husband and I have been married for 15 years.  He is 40 and I am 39 ~ I will be 40 in June 2013.  I have always, always, always wanted children.  I decided this past summer that it was time.  If I did not get pregnant now, then I very well might miss my window of opportunity.  I wish I knew why we were starting this late in life.  I have not been on any type of birth control for about 11 years now, but I have had significant thyroid issues.  I also had a laparascopy for stage 1 endometriosis about 14 years ago. I also have periodic problems with ovarian cysts.

Regardless the issues I have had in my life, I decided to seek help from a fertility clinic in hopes of getting pregnant.  I have been taking Femara for about 5 months now and God willing, I hope to be able to afford an IUI next month.  I just got back from my appointment with my fertility doctor.  I had blood work done as well as an after ovulation ultrasound to look at follicles.  My husband and I have been doing planning/timing using blood work results from my doctor, ovulation kits, a planning calendar, timed intimacy.  According to my last ovulation kit done this past Wednesday, I successfully ovulated, my husband and I had a wonderful day.  I pray it takes.

In June, I saw my OBGYN and told her my future plans.  Initial blood work (Day 3 of my cycle) was normal, but Day 21 showed a somewhat low progesteron (11) but there was little concern because my number was on the low end of the scale my OBGYN uses.  I was told to repeat Day 21 blood work in July and came back with my progesterone at 7 with NO signs of ovulation.  That is when I started taking Femara and was refered to my fertility doctor.  There was a three month wait and I saw him for the first time in October.

For the past 5 or 6 years of my life, I have jokingly told people I was age 29+ and left it at that.  I am blessed with genes that allow me to look younger than my age.  My nurse told me that today.  However, as much as I am light hearted about the age thing, the weight of being almost 40 is heavy on me and trying to get pregnant has truly been an emotional roller coaster.  There are days I leave the fertility clinic with high hopes and excitement for what could happen in my future, and there are times like today where I feel anxious and wonder if I am absolutely crazy for pursuing pregnancy at my age.  My high school friends are now raising teen agers.  Some of the people I have graduated with have already watched their child graduate from high school.  Here I am trying for my first.

I want this more than anything in the world.  It surprises me the anxiousness and second guessing and the emotions I am feeling with all of this. This is absolutely crazy and that is how I feel right now.  lol.  How do I get past this?? 

My doctor is wonderful.  He is the best at what he does and I am BLESSED with a support group of women who have pregnancy experiences using this doctor.  Only one person in my support group is my age, and God love her, she was able to get pregnant with her first or second IUI, but lost her baby due to issues that developed making the baby incompatable with life.  This is my greatest fear.  This person is one of my dearest friends since high school and seeing her go through this is hard.

Honestly, I have been hopeful and relaxed for the most part, but every now and again, that anxiety just creeps up on me and I have to take deep breaths and realize what I am doing is something MANY women in their 40s are doing.


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Hi Beth!  Welcome to the boardSmile  Postings are a little slow right now due to the holidays and people being away from their computers, but after the New Year, things should pick back up!  Also, the moderator of the board, Nuttinfancy (Vickie), is currently moving into her new house, so once she gets back....things should be hopping againWink

It sounds like you are doing everything you can right now to catch that golden egg!  I'm so glad you have a wonderful doctor and a great support group of women who have used him--that can be such a challenge to find, and soooo important to have!  I'll be praying that you and your husband conceived this month and that you are already in your 2WW (2 weeks wait until AF is due) to find out that you have a bundle of joy due this year!

I came here through a different path than you, or many other of the posters.  I thought my family was complete with four boys (5, 7,10,12), and had started to move onto the next stage in parenthood, when I found out I was pregnant in January.  After the initial shock, my husband and I were elated.  We hadn't had a baby in the house for 5 years and we both felt joy at the anticipation of seeing our boys with a new baby.  Unfortunately, at 14 weeks, our little boy, Will, passed away from Trisomy 18.  His loss left us all with a big hole, and so now I find myself here, trying to conceive again.  I never would have guessed I'd be here; and like you, I sometimes wonder if I am crazy to be trying for another baby at 40.  But like you said, many, many women go on to have a beautiful bundle of joy.  After you get pregnant, there is a fantastic board here called Pregnant after 40.  The moderator is Wendy and she just had beautiful, healthy triplets!

Well, all this to say...welcome!  We are glad you are here with us, and hope your stay is short as you find yourself pregnant very soon!!


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