Hello I'm sort of new here

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Hello I'm sort of new here
Tue, 02-28-2006 - 11:33am

I have been here a few times since last year when I turned 40 and have lurked for awhile.

We've been ttc'ing for about 10 years (off & on) and have been to fertility docs. The first one (a few years ago) turned out to be such a quack in my opinion! He tried me on Clomid for a few months and nothing - then told me "I knew it wouldn't work, you need to loose weight." That really discouraged us! He refused to do an HSG because he said it would "hurt too much" and he told me I had a tipped uterus too. Finally in Septmber '05 we found our current doctor and I'm so greatful! We did the HSG (and it didn't hurt that much) and found out that my left tube was blocked (and needed to be cut - no way to save it). AND I don't have a tipped uterus either!! Right after my lap to cut the left tube - we did Clomid and one IUI which did not work; last cycle we tried injections and an IUI that also didn't work. This cycle we are again trying injections and IUI this week (I think - am waiting to hear from the Doc).

I had a sonogram this morning and there was 18 follies on my right ovary. I'm hoping this is good and we'll be successful this time around!

Anyone in the same boat as me? I'll be 41 in April and we've never been able to get pregnant.

Hope you don't mind me joining your group!


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Tue, 02-28-2006 - 6:59pm

Hello Michelle,
I will be 41 in August, and have been ttc for about one year. I do already have 2 DS, aged 8 and 7. They were conceived with no difficulty. But its proving to be much harder this time round!

I'm glad you found a good Dr. I haven't yet. My OB/Gyn half-heartedly told me she could do some bloodwork, when I told her I will like to have a third baby. But she seemed so vague and unenthuasiastic that I refused and now feel that if it happens it will happen. It is harder at our age, but not impossible I believe.

I take some supplements which are supposed to help with conception. I take magnesium, calcium and zinc. I also take B6. Who knows if they are worthwhile or not? So far they haven't worked for me! I have also started drinking a glass of V8 splash each day in the days approaching ovulation. This is supposed to increase your supply of cm, which is of course the environment the sperm need to live in and be transported to the egg. This definitely works for me, as I have noticed a significant increase in my cm.

Good luck, Anna.