Hello Ladies......

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Hello Ladies......
Mon, 03-09-2009 - 8:36am
Wow, I cant even believe I am here!! My husband and I have decided to try again! I am not sure how much work I am going to put in it, IE: an RE but here I am.
I am 41 and have 5 kids. This is my second marriage and we have a 3 1/2 year old daughter together. My other kids are older, 24 year old twin girls, 21 year old son (who is making me a Grammy with his gf who lives with us......LOL!)and a almost 18 year old daughter.
I am pretty sure I am very nervous! I have clotting disorders which we learned after a loss at 13 weeks :( so I was on blood thinner shots my last pregnancy twice a day, took extra folic acid (which I am going to start again)and baby aspirin at night. This whole DHEA thing is all new to me. Guess I should read up on that. I did need a round of clomid to get pregnant last time. Trying on our own for a bit and then we will decide weather to go further.....looking forward to getting to know you all!



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Mon, 03-09-2009 - 6:21pm
Welcome to the board and to the TTC madness :o)


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Mon, 03-09-2009 - 8:33pm
Welcome Jan.
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Mon, 03-09-2009 - 10:05pm
Hiya. I'm 41 1/2 (the half counts again these days to me) and am TTC my third child. My first passed away at 13 months, of meningitis. My "baby" is 18. My Dh has 4 kids of his own, the youngest is 5.


Paula = 43; Mike = 38; Tubal reversal 12/4/08, one tube reparied; Healthy baby girl born 2/16/10; PG again, EDD 3/18/11!