Hello Ladies - From the Rabbit

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Hello Ladies - From the Rabbit
Fri, 07-27-2012 - 11:26am

Hi, my name is Vanessa and I am new to posting on the boards. I have been an iVillage member for about 6 years and have been a professional lurker but have now decided to venture in. :-) This is my story:  I am 41 (until October:womanfrustrated: ) and am desperately trying to have my second child. I have been pregnant seven times in the last seven years with only one amazing son so far (my sister nicknamed me the rabbit :smileywink:). I had 2 MC b4 my DS (one natural, one D&C) and two fibroid removal surgeries.HSG b4 my DS showed left tube a little convoluted. I had 2 MC after my DS (one D&C, one chem) and one fibroid surgery. Started IVF this year (not a fan). HSG showed both tubes convoluted, left with some hydrosalpinx. First cycle, 22 eggs, 5 made it to day 5 transfer. Chem pregnancy - beta 4.3. Second cycle with Lupron for egg quality, 16 eggs, 6 made it to day 3, 5 transferred, one frozen. Chem pregnancy - beta 6. Started accupunture at theYinovaCenterin NYC referenced in Making Babies book. Just two sessions so far. No herbs yet. At 10dpo in my current cycle but temps dropped below coverline this am so that is it for this cycle. AF in two days. Scheduled for the FET in August. Not too hopeful for the one as it wasn't successful with 4 and then 5. DH doesn't want to do IVF again, neither do I. Thinking about Laproscopy to straighten the tubes. Maybe some clomid to improve egg quality. RE didn't recommend the surgery "at my age" since I would have to waste time recovering. Feeling a little low these days...like more is not meant to be for me.:womansad: