Hi Again

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Hi Again
Mon, 03-27-2006 - 9:11am

Hi Everyone,

I am back for the third time in three years! I had two babies in the last twenty months, Riley born 07/12/04 and Peyton 07/05/05 and am ready to try for one more. I also have two older sons, Chase 06/25/90 and Bailey 07/08/97. I also replied to the Getting to Know You post so this all might be redundant to some...sorry! I love being a mom, hope that we will be pregnant soon. We are giving ourselves a year to succeed and then we will stop as I will be 42 then. I love being an older mom, so many advantages!!!

I have been through it all/ CVS testing,PP depression ( more common in older mom), Clomid ( with Riley only) , tubal reversal to name some things.

Please ask me anything!!!!

Good luck to all,