hi im new & would like to introduce me

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hi im new & would like to introduce me
Fri, 07-03-2009 - 1:35pm

hi everyone im

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Tue, 07-07-2009 - 1:50pm

Hello and welcome.

Wow - 8, I'm not sure you have to name him/her henry/henrietta, how about nicholas (the youngest on 8 is enough) or

Susan L.

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Mon, 07-06-2009 - 1:01am
Hi and Welcome! I am 44 and still wanting another even though I already have 4 children, so no, I don't think it is selfish either. I hear you on being a bit stressed about the fall in fertility, but like Renee said, God can do anything. I am having to remind myself of that a lot these days. I hope it goes well for you!


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Welcome! I'm also a mom to 7 children! I don't think wanting to create life is the least bit selfish. I think its quite the opposite! I'm also hoping for just one more. I will be 44 yrs old this fall. I have read all the news bout fertility. But I hold out on faith. God can do anything he wants...the seemingly impossible to us human minds! I wish you my best sister and lets pray God blesses us just once more!

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Sat, 07-04-2009 - 9:57pm
Hello and welcome. Good luck on your TTC journey.


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Sat, 07-04-2009 - 3:34pm
Hi and Welcome!


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You sure do have your hands full!