Hi - intro and history and ? Help

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Hi - intro and history and ? Help
Fri, 02-10-2006 - 8:35pm

Hi there,

I'm new to this site - have been on various expecting boards and loss boards but new here. I have 3 sons - 7,5 and 4. I had no problem conceiving them or delivering them. Then I had 2 miscarriages in first trimester. Have been ttc for over a year and turned 40 a month ago. Decided in December to see an OB about infertilitly. Had been using OPK for a year and had been ovulating regularly monthly with normal periods. THe month I went to MD - she planned to do Chlomid challenge test - of course that month my period didn't come until day 43 - very late for me and only lasted a day and a half. Very odd for me. She asked me to do the test anyways - and the numbers for day 3 were good but strange for day 10. I don't know the numbers. OPK showed I didn't ovulate the chlomid month - MD asked me to do Chlomid Challenge test again this month. I can't do it as I'll be away from day 7 till 17 and can't get bloodwork done - but again my period was very scant and thready and only a day or so - although it came on time at day 28. Does anyone know if my days for baby making are over? Does my weird period and lack of ovulation during chlomid month mean I am perimenopausal? Has anyone had similar experiences or symptoms and know what to make of this? Sorry for the long post - just very confused!


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missysboys -

I went through the same thing last fall and ended up m/c. didn't even know i COULD get pregnant since i had tubal in 1994. it was a huge surprise. decided to ttc, but nothing until this month - one day light bleeding two days spotting no more than penny size amt. my father swears i'm entering menopause at 40 - tells me i have to face the facts sooner or later - but women who can't concieve don't m/c, so i'm not giving in to that theory yet. have had major symptoms. also - read that even perimenopausal women are still able to conceive. i'd be interested in knowing how it turns out for you.