Hi- just had chemical pregnancy and have questions

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Hi- just had chemical pregnancy and have questions
Thu, 03-24-2011 - 11:00pm
Hi ladies,

I've been on and off this board a few times. I just found out I was pregnant (tested three days before period was due after "feeling pregnant"). Spotting started on Saturday and went in for beta on Mon. Miscarried on Tuesday. Dr said she was shocked that I had gotten positive test (which I continued to get through Sunday) because my HCG was a 6 and my progesterone was a 1.
I got pregnant naturally, only bd'ing twice that cycle. So you would think that was pretty good, but I'm assuming I lost this due to low hormones and not able to sustain.
Have any of you ever had this? Were your numbers that bad? What tests, if any, were done after? I have to go to dr Tues for exam.
We were so excited and now I'm terrified to try again if this will keep happening.

Thank you so much!
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Hi, I am sorry for your loss, it is so hard going through that and so scary trying again in fear of it happening again.

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I'm sorry to hear about your recent loss, and hope you are doing well.