High estrogen may be masking high FSH

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High estrogen may be masking high FSH
Thu, 05-05-2005 - 9:46pm

Hi all,

I'm new and was hoping to get some good advice and a little bit of hope. I'm 41 and have been trying to conceive our 4th for a year but no luck yet. I feel guilty because I know I sound greedy, that I should be happy with the 3 beautiful ones I have. I am grateful but I just don't feel "done" yet. Our youngest is 2 1/2 and I feel that the window of opportunity is fast slamming down on me. Before I conceived our last child in '01 my FSH was 8.1 and Estradiol was 55. Last month my FSH was 6.4 and Estradiol was 63. This month's FSH is 7.1 and Estradiol is 72. My doctor seems to think that because my "estrogen is creeping up", it may be "masking" a high FSH. I suffered a miscarriage due to a blighted ovum in November which hasn't helped my mood any.

Has anyone out there had success with a situation similar to mine? I could really use some hope.