I spoke to my acupuncturist today...

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I spoke to my acupuncturist today...
Sat, 01-06-2007 - 6:17pm

When I go to the acupunturist, I talk to her about different things and I ask her alot of questions (including her other patients). She tells me about different patients that sometimes I get the "story" mixed up. Anyway, today she told me about a 45 year old women who now is about 8 months pg and she got pg on her own. She had gone to this acupuncturist for only 2 months after trying on her own and I think she had also gone for 2 IVF, but nothing happened. She was supposed to go for another IVF and found out she was pg. How about that?

I have been going for about 7 months so far. Maybe I better knock off my "cheating" with the soda. I have been trying to stay motivated but it is very hard. I am under so much stress (that's why I drink the soda)and I have been reading that stress is a big part of fertility problems.

Here are some of the things that are causing my stress: We moved into a house about 2 1/2 years ago that I can't stand so we are looking to move soon. My DH had lost his job 3 days before I had to start treatment for my first round of IVF. He was out of work for about 5 months! Now he's on a contract, but it's not stable. He's been gaining so much weight; eating junk which the Dr and the acupuncturist said he needs to stop doing and start taking his herbs. (BTW whenever I see him munching on chips or something like that, I end up swiping a few) I am also trying to watch what I eat, but he keeps bringing home the junk. They also told him to excercise. I am frustrated with him because I can't get him to do what he needs to. On top of everything else, he was in a bad car accident. He's ok for the most part. He's having a little trouble with his neck and vision so he's been going to a whole bunch of appointments. And I won't forget that I was pg in Nov but lost it.

I think I need a vacation (sigh)


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Sun, 01-07-2007 - 1:44am

If it's my stress...then I am a hopeless case : ( My baby is 3 and has 3 extra chromosomes, and all the disabilities and challenges which goes with such a defect. He's such a blessing. To pull my attention away from him and his needs, my oldest (step) son is 23, and had an organ transplant 11 almost 12 years ago, and is now going through a bout of rejections. His poor enzymes are concerning enough, but his ins. has dropped him since he became unemployed, and for him to come up with thousands of dollars a month to get his life saving medications is a daily worry. He get's extreme mood swings and anger problems over his health. Aside from that, and how his attitude affects the entire household, we still have several other children who need help with projects, or a ride to workout at the health club for sports related activities, not to mention we have 2 kids with broken down cars too!!!!

Couple those things with health problems 2 of my uncles are undergoing, and my own TTC journey....what to you get?

ANXIETY Filled STRESS!!!!!!!!

I need to use this cycle "off" to get some facial's or massage, or other relaxation treatments started. Followed by a quiet dinner with a friend with a nice glass of wine to see the whole mood move into a calmness mind body and soul : )




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Mon, 01-08-2007 - 2:47pm

Ai yi yi.

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