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~*~Interim CL~*~
Tue, 06-22-2004 - 1:50pm
Just wanted to stop in and let you gals know that I will be helping Cathy out w/the board while she is having her surgery and wish her the best.

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Tue, 06-22-2004 - 4:02pm

Allison thanks for introducing yourself to the board.


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Tue, 06-22-2004 - 4:18pm
Welcome and thanks!
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Wed, 06-23-2004 - 9:35pm
Allison - It is so great of you to help out while Cathie is away. This board was completely dead until Cathie got it going and it is great to know that someone who really cares is going to fill in and keep it going.

For those of you who don't know Allison, she has done the TTC 6+ month board until the past few months and is absolutely wonderful. We are really lucky to have her fill in.

Thanks for your support.


By the way still TTC #1, 2 IUI's, might be going for a 3rd next month.

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Sun, 06-27-2004 - 5:02pm
Aww thanks Mary.