Introducing Myself

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Introducing Myself
Fri, 09-17-2010 - 4:13pm

I just wanted to introduce myself to the members. I have not spoken of our TTC #2 with anyone but my Mom and I sure could use some others to talk with about the experiences. Glad you all are here to share.

I am 42.1 my DH is 40.4, we have one son who is 8years old. We are in the process of TTC #2. Due to my age and the lack of getting pregnant on our own the last year we are getting help. We are currently in the early stages of the journey. Have had the tests on our fertility done. It looks like hubs has good sperm and I am in the low normal zone for egg reserve. Our first step is to try and increase the amount of eggs produced at ovulation to have a better chance of conceiving by using clomid. We are not doing IUI just doing the BD.

I am not familiar with all the lingo or the procedures so any advice on things to do or ask our RE would be appreciated.

It's good to be here!


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Fri, 09-17-2010 - 4:59pm

Hey, welcome! You're in the right place. The acronyms and jargon can be daunting at first but you'll pick 'em up. If anyone ever uses a term you don't understand, just ask and you'll get the definition pronto. The FAQ section also has a lot of helpful info.

Off the top of my head -- your doctor might want you to get an HSG, where they inject dye into the uterus to see how your tubes and everything are looking. Most people find this pretty painless, and it can have the added benefit of clearing out gunk (yes, that's the technical term :) ) from your tubes.

Good luck, and definitely KUP (keep us posted) on what's going on!

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Susan CB

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Fri, 09-17-2010 - 6:03pm

Hello and welcome. I think you are on the right track -- clomid is a good first step -- and Susan's advice is also worth following -- a few of the ladies here have gotten PG the month after -- plus it would be good to knwo that everything is in order in that dept.


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Fri, 09-17-2010 - 8:04pm

Welcome! I joined this board fairly recently and have to tell you that is has helped me so much- particularly when I was my bluest.

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Fri, 09-17-2010 - 10:59pm
Welcome! I am 42 as well and my youngest is 8

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Sat, 09-18-2010 - 6:06am

Hi MC!

About me: A pixie in the city, 41, TTC#1 since May 2010, married 18 years.

Diagnosed with/surgically removed endometrioma Aug 2010. Sept IUI #1=BFN. Nov IUI #2=BFN. Uterine polyp removed Jan. 2011. Jan 2011 IVF cancelled. No response. 2nd

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Sat, 09-18-2010 - 11:53am
Hello and welcome to the board. I just came 2 cycles ago and these girls are great! I too am in the early stages of TTC with my soon to be husband and was on Clomid last cycle, I did O on it and my labs came back good so I am hopeful! Good luck. =)
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Sat, 09-18-2010 - 4:57pm

Welcome to the board where you will find a wealth of information and supportive TTC women.

Best Wishes for a BFP real soon!

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Mon, 09-20-2010 - 11:54am
Welcome to the board.


Susan V

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Mon, 09-20-2010 - 1:07pm

Welcome to the board!

Yes we are a hoot, but Susan is the class clown! She keeps us all in stitches!


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Mon, 09-20-2010 - 4:38pm

Thanks for the warm welcome! This sure is a great forum, you all sound like fertility Dr.'s. I feel like I am still learning how my body works on a much more basic level.

Was it hard for you and your DH's to get on the same page at times about what path to take? My DH and I are already disagreeing as to what to do. He thinks we should just go straight to a DE scenario (which I am fine with) but since the RE thinks that I have a good ovarian reserve and the cost is much less I would like to try a few cycles of the clomid first. Already disagreeing makes it hard since I know the road will get rougher and we need to be able to be supportive of each other.

Thanks for the welcome again!