to itsjustlisab- not necessary

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to itsjustlisab- not necessary
Tue, 01-11-2005 - 6:08pm

As I said, I am new, and not really sure of "protocol", but it seems to me that a board like this is for support and encouragement.

Your message to jadu, and to all of us who read it, didn;t do that.

I am especially hurt by it b/c as high as I was yesterday, I am now scared and confused b/c today's blood tests look like they missed my Lh surge; that I may have ovulated already! It's only day 11! I never ovulate until at least day 13. I was feeling that maybe it's a fluke, especially since my specialist hopes so too and still wants to monitor tomorrow, rather than just stop for this month, when I read you response and now feel worse.

We CAN get pregnant! We can do it with our own eggs, too! AND, we can have healthy pregnancies! We need to support each other in our dreams b/c being positive connects us to Intention, to God and we MUST connect there, especially with nay sayers at every turn.

Here is the correct address for the site i recommended yesterday for inspiration. God bless you ladies... a 17 year old in one of my classes just gave birth. I refuse to be resentful but instead feel glad that she'll never know the pain we are feeling.


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Tue, 01-11-2005 - 7:26pm


I am sorry to upset you , my intent was not to upset but to inform. I am also sorry that things did not seem to work out for you this cycle. Yes, woman our age can get pregnant but you must be aware of what is going and not be naive. I was uninformed early on and was not aware of what to look for. I wish I was more informed then, I could have saved myself a lot money and mental turmoil. I was simply cautioning you to understand what you need to pay attention to. I was sharing my experience which could be someone elses too. It is all a learning process. Women like us need to get all the facts and sometimes they aren't all positive. This board has both positive and negative. We need to take what other people say and empower ourselves to achieve our dream of child, so that we can feel like we have done all we can.


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Tue, 01-11-2005 - 7:42pm

Let me also add, I, myself have not by any means given up on TTC. Obviously I am still here. I will be trying another IUI with injectibles and this time the doctor suggested a Lupron flair to hold off ovulation. You never know when that one good egg will come. Again I am very sorry, but it is better to be informed and therefore better prepared. It was my experience and I hoped others can learn from it. Isn't what these boards are all about?

By the way, good luck with your next cycle. There is no reason why you should not try again.

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Wed, 01-12-2005 - 12:56pm

Just my two cents here... I don't see what itsjustlisab did as negative... Its a testamony of her experience. Her experience was least for her and she shared it here. That's what I thought this board was about. Isn't it a support group where we can share our experiences, good and bad, so that others can benefit form our experiences?

Happy thoughts and prayers are always good, don't get me wrong. I really do believe that God answers all prayers, but sometimes the answer is no. Itsjustlisab, my heart goes out to you, and to everyone else who has not had any success. We have all been there, otherwise, we wouldn't be here.

Itsjustlisab 's experience gives us all something to consider when speaking with our RE's. We need to know the right questions to ask and when someone shares her expereinces with us, we all are better prepared for those meetings with the Docs. Knowledge is power. If itsjustlisab had known that it was possible to O on her own, and that there was a risk, she may have been able to raise the issue with her RE and address it before having to live with the heartbreak of watching another cycle pass without success. Doctors are great and can do so much to help us, but they are not perfect. Sometimes they make mistakes. Sometimes they make assuptions. If we ask the right questions and raise the right issues, it may cause them to think more carefully about their course of treatment and change some of the protocols. Our relationship with our RE is, after all, a partnership. We are jsut as responsible for our fertility treatments as he or she is. Remember, you are not your doctor's only patient. Sometimes it helps to trigger his/her thought processes once in a while.

To both itsjustlisab and maezinhalu, I wish you both the best and will offer up my prayers for you.