Lab numbers question after follistim inj

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Lab numbers question after follistim inj
Thu, 06-17-2004 - 8:17pm
This is my 4th follistim cycle. I don’t do IVF or IUI yet.

Just trying on meds first due to finances. My husband’s insurance

Pays 100% for my meds, but not doing IUI.

I am 45 and have no children – one miscarry in 1992-that’s it.

Does anyone else have similarities compared to me? How do these numbers look to all you over 40 gals who are doing injections? Thanks and good luck.

Lining: 12

Estradial: 2,554

Follicles: R-5 follicles ranging between 10-14, L-4 follicles sized 12-14

I took more injections for 2 more days to get the numbers higher.

Then took the hcg shot and intercourse.