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hi, i have just joined this message board and am hoping for a bit of advice from anyone, the problem is i have been trying to get pregnant for 7months without any luck, as i am 43 i decided to see the doctor, she did a few blood tests and they came back as being perimenopause, the thing is i am still having regular periods and have been doing the home ovulation test and it tells me im still ovulating. the symptoms regarding the menopause have mainly been hot sweats, mood swings, etc, i also have an underactive thyroyd and my dose has just been lowered from 150mg to 125mg, im so confused and am beginning to wonder if my problems are due to my thyroyd or the menopause, and would like to know if it is still possible for me to concieve? my husband is 30 and has no children so we desperately want a baby, i have 1 son to my first marriage who is now 18. any help and advice is much appreciated.
many thanks
kind regards sue from leeds.
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Tue, 08-22-2006 - 2:39pm

Hi Sue,

I just sent you an email :)


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Welcome Sue :)

I'm Lee, I am 40. My DH had a Vas revers. on May 30th. Mid June I saw my OB, to get all the preparations for starting to TTC in order. I mentioned my periods have been a much lighter flow since Jan. and I skipped march. Red flag to my doctor, so he ran blood work. My numbers came back POST menopause. I sort of suspected perimenopause. I do chart, and use OPK's and they suggest I O some months, while other months I don't. I also was found to have an ovarian cyst and possibly a polyp in my uterus. I go in about 3 weeks to have those test redone. If the cycst is still there, surgery will likely be the next step. In the meantime, I'm just TTC and enjoying the closeness with my amazing hubby : )

I tust my God to be able to do what he says he can do, and will rely on him to bring about a pregnancy for my DH and I.

Best wishes for you, and please hang around and share your TTC journy with is : )




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hi lee, thanks for your reply, when i had my son who is now 18 it took me 2yrs to conceive due to an ovarian cyst, i had the cyst removed and became pregnant soon after and was over the moon. i was married for 7yrs but then got divorced over 10yrs ago now, i met my current hubby 4yrs ago and we desperately want a baby as he has no kids anmd hasnt been married before. when i was told i was in thr first stages of the menopause i was devestated as i have been trying to concieve for the last 7months, i have had regular spot on periods right up untill this week where i an now 3days late, i did a pregnancy test and it was negative so im not sure if this is down to the menopause as i believe your periods can be all over the place, but i have also read on line that not all pregnancy tests are accurate until 7days after your missed period, so if nothing happens i will see my doctor next week and maybe he will do a test, i have felt very sick too but this is also a symptom of the menopause so you can see why im so confused, the doc says its very unlikely i will become pregnant but not impossible so i guess i will just carry on trying. my husband is very understanding and is with me all the way. why do us women have to go through so much lol it really gets you down. anyway i wish you all the luck in the world as i do everyone on here whos in the same boat, its nice to chat to other people and share our problems or better still our joy :0)
take care
good luck
sue x
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Thu, 08-31-2006 - 8:27pm
My acupuncturist told me she recently had a patient who was 41 and going through premature menopause, now she is pregnant, thanks to her weekly acupuncture treatments and Chinese herbs.
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You should see if there is an acupuncturist in your area who can help you - preferably one who is trained in Chinese acupuncture, and has experience working w/infertility patients. That is the single most important thing you could do to help your situation.
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Fri, 09-01-2006 - 6:56am
hi, many thanks for your advice, i think in a situation like this anything is worth a try, i will look into it and maybe give it a try.
thanks again
kind regards