Midlife Motherhood

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Midlife Motherhood
Fri, 04-19-2013 - 4:16pm

I wanted to pass along this blog piece from Huffington Post, the author discusses her journey of being a midlife mom, and how she has benefitted from it: 

As a group, midlife mothers have much more wisdom, patience and life experience to draw from -- all of this is a bonus when raising children. Many midlife mothers are also traveling their mothering path alone. Just know that we are all out here; the all-important support, understanding, and comfort can be found.

Read more at: http://www.huffingtonpost.ca/lianne-castelino-and-andrea-howick/motherhood-over-40-stories-of-midlife-mothers_b_3037710.html?utm_hp_ref=parents&ir=Parents

What did you think of the article?

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Sat, 04-20-2013 - 3:34am
  1. Hi Melissa,

Thank you for posting this link.  I enjoyed the article and think it actually attempts to identify some of the challenges and the positives faced and offered by Mothers in midlife.  I really needed to read this as it does present the decision as a positive one, I have already one child from my 40's and most people just were negative about it, implicitly of course, not explicitly.  So to read that we bring to the parenting table many great positive traits was really affirming.  I just read from Ivillage in the hot topics section from Kirrabbylee (sorry this is wrong name but I cant remember it and Ivillage is really cumbersome for me to move around in so Im too scared to!)  who has just written a post calling for contact with anyone else in a similar position to her.  I wish the article had addressed the social exclusion and isolation older mothers (at least I did at times) experience.  My little boy is the light of my life.  Equally I could be a better mum and make life more fulfilling for him if I could sometimes be in a rewarding social situation wiith him as well as rewarding for me.  If I could link up with other women of my age and perhaps similar experience rather than being left out in mothers group due to not really being in same generation as many of the mothers.  My friends, lovely as they are all have older children now so the limitations I have they dont.  As a result a lot of my social contact and friendships have slowly disappeared. 

I am slowly re building old and developing new friendships and links and making sense of the world through my lens of a midlife mother.

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Fri, 09-06-2013 - 9:02am
I am newly married and TTC. Need support and info