Monday Moans and Mini Victories

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Monday Moans and Mini Victories
Mon, 05-25-2009 - 10:12am

Good Morning Everyone. This is the last Monday in May -- woo hoo (a big deal if you're a teacher like I am). On this TTC journey, we should all take some time to release some moans and share our little vitories along the way.

What has you down in the dumps and what gives you some cheer?

My moan is all about my upcoming drs appt, and facing the reality of not having more children

Mini-Victory: I started working out more during my last two 2WW (I used to just hibernate during that time) and have been a little more dedicated in general


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Mon, 05-25-2009 - 9:35pm

My moan matches yours Krista, headed to 44 years old, trying to come to grips w/ not having another child, feeling sorry for Alec to be an only child.



Susan V

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Tue, 05-26-2009 - 11:56am

Hi Ladies:

My moan is, well, I can't really complain much.

Susan L.